Sulaikha Manzil OTT: Lukman movie ‘Sulaikha Manzil’ to OTT-Sulaikha Manzil Ott Hotstar Lukman Avaran Anarkali Marikar

Sulaikha Manzil OTT: Ashraf Hamza movie ‘Sulaikha Manzil’ to OTT

Sulaikha Manzil OTT: ‘Sulaikha Manzil’ is a film directed by Ashraf Hamza. Lucaman Avaran, Anarkali Maraikar and Chemban Vinod played the lead roles. The film hit the theaters on April 21.

A two-week story of a girl named Hana Parveen, from her betrothal to her marriage… In a way, ‘Sulaikha Mansil’ is a film that analyzes relationships and the confusions between marriage and marriage.

Like many houses in Malappuram, the name of that house is ‘Sulaikha Mansil’. The whole of the movie is about the wedding celebrations, preparations, worries and disappointments of everyone in that house. The director sees and captures all these situations from a distance. Due to such a stand-off, the film has the aforementioned documentary character. The filmmakers keep a distance from all the characters in emotions and conflicts. Because of that, that distance is also reached to the audience.

The film was produced by Chemban Vinod, Subish Kannanchery and Sameer Karat.
Music is directed by Vishnu Vijay. Cinematography is done by Kannan Patteri and editing by Naufal Abdullah. A month after its release, the film is reaching OTT. The film will start streaming on Hotstar from May 30.

The article is in Malayalam

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