Adipurush : Hanuman team organizing the pre-release event of Adipurush..Prashanth Verma direction, Teja Sajja anchoring..

Prabhas Adipurush Pre Release Event conducted by HanuMan movie team

Adipurush Pre Release Event: Currently Prabhas Adipurush is buzzing in two Telugu states. Coming with the backdrop of Ramayanam, this film stars Prabhas as Rama, Kriti Sanon as Sita and Saif Ali Khan as Ravanasura. The pre-release event of this movie is going to be held in Tirupati tomorrow (June 6). Huge arrangements are being made there for this event. This pre-release event program is organized by Hanuman movie team.

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Hanuman movie is directed by Prashant Varma with Teja Sajja as the hero, with the story of Rama devotee Hanuman. It is known that in the case of Adipurush teaser, there were many trolls comparing it to Hanuman. However, the Adipurush team has impressed the audience with the trailer. Positive buzz was created on the movie with that trailer. Now they are planning a pre-release event to create more curiosity about the movie. With this, Hanuman handed over the responsibilities of this Rama event to the team.

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Director Prashanth Varma is planning the event in a grand and perfect manner like no one has done so far. In this order, a 50-feet Prabhas cut-out is being set up for the first time with AI technology. Also, a huge Ayodhya set is being constructed. The stage is being set with LED lights. And Teja Sajja is going to anchor this event. Along with Teja, Anchor Jhansi is also going to make noise. It is known that the second trailer of Adipurush is also going to be released in this pre-release event.

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