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The great Tabla player Sarthak Shinde, nephew of Anand Shinde, passed away tragically

‘Sarthak Dinkar Shinde’, grandson of Maharashtra singer Prahlad Shinde and nephew of Anand Prahlad Shinde, has sadly passed away today. It has come to light that Sarthak Dinkar Shinde died in Nanded due to a severe heart attack. Sudden demise of Sarthak Shinde is causing great grief in the music industry. Sarthak Shinde was an excellent tabla player. Today, Maharashtra has lost a great tabla player. Due to this incident, a mountain of grief has fallen on the Shinde family. Sarthak Shinde sang many bhim songs, he also loved to play the dholki.

Sarthak Shinde

Prahlad Shinde’s singing legacy was carried forward by his three sons Anand, Dinkar and Milind. Following his footsteps, Sarthak Shinde also cultivated this art. He decided to choose this field as there was a musical atmosphere at home. The Shinde family is famous for its Bhim Geeta and Ambedkar Geeta. This family has given many songs to Maharashtra. Sarthak took inspiration from his grandfather, uncle. Apart from excellent singing, he was especially fond of playing tabla and dholki. Although the Shinde family has been making a name for itself in this field for the last four generations, Sarthak Shinde also had to struggle a lot to enter this field. The news of the death of Sarthak Shinde is expressing great grief everywhere. Prayers are being made from all levels that the Shinde family gets strength to recover from this tragic incident. Heartfelt tribute from our group to Sarthak Shinde.

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