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Karthik upset: Gautham Karthik who insulted his father at the wedding… Actor Karthik is upset! – Actor Karthik upset over Gautham Karthik

It has been reported that actor Gautham Karthik insulted his father actor Karthik.

Actor Karthik

Actor Karthik was a leading actor in Tamil cinema in the 1980s and 90s. He is the son of late actor Muthuraman. Karthi made his debut with Bharathiraja’s Alagal Oivathillai and has acted in more than 125 films in Tamil and Telugu. Actor Karthik, popularly known as Navarasa Nayagan, married actress Ragini, who co-starred with him in the film Solaiquil, in 1988. The couple has two sons namely Gautham Karthik Kain.

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Married to Manjima Mohan

Following this, Karthik married Ragini’s younger sister Rathi for the second time in 1992. They have a son named Theeran. In this case, the eldest son Gautham Karthik got married to actress Manjima Mohan on 28th. Love blossomed between them when they acted in Devarattam. They were in love for the last 3 years and got married on the 28th.

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Only one invitation

Gautham Karthik insulted Karthik in this marriage. In other words, Karthik had planned to invite all his friends from the film industry and hold a lavish wedding. But Gautham Karthik scored only 250 invitations for his wedding. Apart from that, the actor gave only one invitation to Karthik.

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Karthik moans

Karthik is upset about this and is complaining to his friends. Malayalam actress Manjima Mohan acted in the Tamil film Acham hin Madamaiyada, directed by Gautham Menon. Subsequently, he has acted in many films including Devarattam, Satreyan, Ippa Vellum, Michael, Devarattam, Kalathali Chandhom, Tughlaq Darbar, FIR.

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