Video: Tejashree Pradhan’s ‘Premachi Josh’ Serial Title Song Released; The singer has a special connection with ‘Saregamp’ Tesshasari Pradhan upcoming marathi serial premachi goshta title song released

There have been many changes in the serial world for the past few days. Some serials are saying goodbye to the audience. So there are changes in the timings of the series. Also, new serials are also coming to the audience. Presently, there is a lot of talk about the serial ‘Premachi Josha’ starring Tejashree Pradhan and Raj Hanchanale. Due to the release of the promo of the series, the audience is getting curious about this series. The title song of the series has also been released recently.

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The entire title song of the serial has been released with the beautiful lines ‘Jara Khuleal Hi…Jara Phulel Hi…Tujya Mere Prema Chi Sahitya’. The video of the title song has been shared on the social media page of ‘Star Pravah’. Sripad Joshi is the lyricist of the title song and Nilesh Mohrir has composed the music. Also, the title track is sung in the mesmerizing voice of Abhishek Telang and Sugandha Date. Both of them have a special relationship with ‘Saregamp’. Find out what it is.

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Singer Abhishek Telang, who sang the title song of the serial ‘Premachi Josh’, was a finalist of Marathi Saregamp. Singer Sugandha Date is the winner of Hindi ‘Saregamapa Little Champs 2019’.

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Meanwhile, the serial ‘Premachi Gosh’ will be seen on ‘Star Pravah’ channel from 4th September at 8 PM. Apart from Tejashree Pradhan and Raj Hanchanale, many actors like Shubhangi Gokhale, Apoorva Nemalekar will be seen in this series.

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