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The country’s first Malayalam audio film ‘Blind Fold’

A“Blind Fold”, which tells the story from the perspective of a blind hero, is set to become India’s first audio film. The film is directed by creative designer and filmmaker Benoy Karamen. The film is jointly produced by Intellectual Monkey Productions and luxury apparel brand Klum.

Unlike traditional filmmaking methods, the film reaches the audience with the help of advanced sound technology. The heart of the film revolves around the blind central character witnessing a murder and the tragic events that follow. The film, which guides the audience with only sound without visuals, will give the audience a new experience.

“Cinema is a visual medium but there are no visuals in ‘Blind Fold’. Audience can enjoy ‘Blind Fold’ in theater like any normal movie. My last 11 years of research and thoughts are behind this film. I have always wondered how the medium of cinema affects each audience differently. Blinded by light. I try to bring to the audience the beauty of a world and its sounds. My aim is to make a film a better experience only through sound mixing, music and dialogue. “Blind Fold” will make the audience to focus on our surroundings and understand the importance of the sounds around us rather than the sights, says Benoy Karamen, the writer and director of Blind Fold, who is very interested in experimental films and ideas. Said.

“Blind Fold” reminds us that while most of the films in the film industry focus on the visuals, the narration and sound mixing of the film play a major role in making the film enjoyable. The story of the film progresses from the point of view of Rajan, a blind lottery seller in the city of Kozhikode. The plot of the film revolves around hearing a murder taking place in his presence and the unusual developments that follow.

“This was a new experience for me. Karamen’s vision of the film is very different. We are a part of this film with the aim of providing a new and exciting audio experience to the audience. Shaijal Shamim Ahmed, the executive producer of the film “Blindfold” said that the innovative sound technologies in the field of film production will encourage us to try them in future films.

With the help of the latest sound technologies, it will provide the audience with a new listening experience. The experienced sound designers behind the movie have also helped to transform the movie into a great experience. Along with frequency indices, binaural technology has helped design the soundscape in such a way that the direction and origin of sound is determined. The film is presented in Dolby Atmos, giving the audience a great surround sound experience and giving them memorable moments.

“Blindfold is opening up opportunities for future audio stories with the help of innovative sound technologies. The audio design of the film will play a big role in bringing the audience closer to the film. Karamentet is a bold step and I am very happy to be a part of the film,” said Ajil Kurian, who handled the sync sound and sound designing of the film.

The sound designing of the movie has been done by Ajil Kurian and Krishnan Unni. The background score is by Steve Benjamin and the screenplay is by Surya Gayathri.

“Blindfold” is a powerful testimony to the creativity and innovation of the Indian film industry. This experimental step is not only for Malayalam cinema but also for Indian cinema itself.

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