Porn video of this minister of Rajasthan leaked! BJP raised these questions by tweeting?

Rajasthan Minister Viral MMS Video: An obscene video has created a sensation in Rajasthan. This video has been tweeted on Twitter of BJP Rajasthan. Through this, it has been claimed that in the video, the Minister of Minority Affairs of Rajasthan Saleh Mohammad Huh. In which a woman is on a video call and is taking off her clothes.

saleh mohammed

mms video leak: This video is of about 55 seconds. In which a person’s face has been seen for only 1 second. It is being claimed that this face belongs to the same minister Saleh Mohammad. However, this is not confirmed even by the crime. However, BJP Rajasthan media cell claims that this face belongs to the same minister.

First let’s know what BJP Rajasthan has written…

Ashok Gehlot ji, this is not the first time that an objectionable video of your minister with a woman is going viral. Will you sack Minister Saleh Mohammad or leave him for the greed of “vote bank”?

Nude video Call Screen Shot


Saleh Mohammad Viral Video: It can be seen in the video of about 55 seconds that it has been recorded with a screen recorder during video calling. Saleh Mohammad’s number has been dialed in this. This name is visible written on the screen. After this, in the same video, a little face of a person is visible for a second. It is being claimed that this minister is Saleh Mohammad. However, its official confirmation could not be done.

There is a claim on BJP’s social media that your minister is seen in an objectionable video with a woman. In such a situation, will Ashok Gehlot sack that minister or will he remain greedy for vote bank. At the same time, it is being told in the media report that a woman from Jodhpur had complained about the video being leaked 2 days ago regarding this case. This video has been shared by 5 boys. About whom the police is investigating.

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