Uttarakhand: Center Is Ready To Give Money But The Department Is Not Able To Fill The Vacant Posts Uttarakhand News

Uttarakhand: Center Is Ready To Give Money But The Department Is Not Able To Fill The Vacant Posts Uttarakhand News
Uttarakhand: Center Is Ready To Give Money But The Department Is Not Able To Fill The Vacant Posts Uttarakhand News

While the Central and State Governments are not only insisting on filling the vacant posts in many departments, but are also ready to give money for it, despite this, 1519 outsourced posts in holistic education have not been filled for more than three years. Can go.

This is affecting the plan to make the primary and secondary education system better than before. Under the Samagra Shiksha Abhiyan in the state, out of 1797 outsourced posts, 1519 posts are vacant. This is the situation when the Central Government is ready to give 90 percent of the money to be spent on these posts, but the department is not able to fill these posts.

Most of the posts are from CRP and BRP.

Due to this, 285 posts of BRP, 670 of CRP, 161 of Resource Person IED, 331 of Accountant cum Support Staff, 14 of Data Entry Operator and 20 posts of outsourced attendant and many other posts are vacant. Departmental officers say that most of the posts in this are of CRP and BRP.

Along with selecting the outsourced agency to fill all these posts, minimum educational qualification has to be decided. Due to most of the posts of Samagra Shiksha being vacant, more than eight lakh students at the school level are not getting the benefits of the Central scheme on time. Students are not able to get free books and school uniforms on time, while the exchange of information from the school level to the State Project Office is also not happening on time.

department hanging appointments

The unemployed say that on May 26, 2023, a meeting of the Executive Council of the Samagra Shiksha Yojana was held on 26 May 2023. Even after the decision regarding appointments is taken in the meeting, the department is deliberately keeping the appointments on hold by sending proposals to the government and the government department.

These posts are also vacant in holistic education

In Samagra Shiksha, the posts of Computer Programmer, Junior Engineer, Accountant, Manager Technology Management, Computer Operator, Vehicle Driver, Technical Expert MIS, Assistant Engineer are also vacant for a long time.

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This is the Centre’s plan

The Central Government started the Samagra Shiksha Abhiyan on August 4, 2021, so that the education system of the country can be made better than before, whereas before this the Central Government started the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, which was related to elementary education, but holistic education. Abhiyaan is a combined form of primary and secondary education. For this, the central government provides 90 percent of the funds to the state, while the state has to bear 10 percent of the funds.

To fill the posts of CRP, BRP in Samagra Shiksha through outsource, a proposal has been sought from the State Project Directorate regarding educational qualification. An outsourced agency also has to be selected for this. The vacant posts can be filled only after the minimum educational qualification is decided and the agency is selected. -Ravinath Raman, Education Secretary

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