Stalin’s ‘saloon coach’ to Tenkasi: A house on wheels – Dinamani

Stalin’s ‘saloon coach’ to Tenkasi: A house on wheels – Dinamani
Stalin’s ‘saloon coach’ to Tenkasi: A house on wheels – Dinamani

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M.K. Stalin left Chennai yesterday by train.

Yesterday the news that Chief Minister Stalin was going to Tenkasi by train created a stir. For his journey, the Potigai Express was fitted with a highly specialized saloon coach.

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It is in this special box with modern facilities that Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M.K. Stalin reached Tenkasi. Photos related to it have gone viral on social media today. There have also been negative criticisms that people’s tax money is being wasted.

If the train in which a Chief Minister traveled is getting so much attention and criticism, surely we should know about it?!

A moving house called Saloon Coach

This mobile home was developed by the Indian Railways for the use of high-ranking officials while traveling by train. President, Vice President, Governor, Chief Minister and other high officials use this mobile home when they travel by train to places that cannot be reached by air. It will be like a luxury hotel with all the facilities.

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This coach has two bedrooms with air-conditioned toilet. It has all the features of a large home, including a large reception room, dining room, chairs, and kitchen. This kitchen will have a refrigerator and purified drinking water facilities.

Can the public travel?

Indian Railways operates these moving coaches only on certain routes. In case people want to travel in this coach, the Railways is also providing an opportunity for them to book and travel through the website, according to its website.

IRCTC has also shared this information on its Twitter page along with photos of these saloon coaches. That is, IRCTC has the most luxurious saloon cabins. Among these, a large room with unmatched amenities is posted that will bring you happiness and relaxation.

IRCTC can also arrange 4 – 6 beds for bookings in addition to the two bed room facilities available in this compartment, if required.

The kitchen also features cooking utensils. Those who need it can cook and eat.

How much is the fee?

Those who wish to travel in this saloon coach will have to pay Rs.2 lakh for this. Similarly, IRCTC has 336 saloon coaches.

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