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Odisha Travel: Odisha ki this beautiful place nahin ghooma to fir apne kuch nahin dekha | top places to visit in baripada odisha

Top Places to visit in Baripada Odisha: Odisha is an extremely beautiful and coastal state of India. Odisha is world famous for its attractive beaches, world famous temples and beautiful lakes.

The beauty of Odisha is so popular that thousands of domestic and foreign tourists visit here every month. Every day thousands of people visit famous places like Sun Temple, Chilka Lake, Simlipal National Park and Dhauli Giri located in Odisha.

But Baripada in Odisha is one such place whose beauty very few people will be aware of. After visiting Baripada once, you will forget about other places in Odisha.

In this article, we are going to tell you about some such beautiful places in Baripada, where you can always take family, friends and partners together.

Simlipal National Park

Baripada mein ghoomane ki baat hoti hai, the name of Simlipal National Park is definitely taken first. The beauty of Simlipal National Park is so popular that it is considered a paradise for nature lovers.

Spread over about 1,060 square miles, the park is famous for its lush green grasslands, enchanting waterfalls, beautiful rivers. This park is also considered to be the home of many extinct animals and birds. The park is said to be home to tigers and elephants.

Here you can also enjoy jungle safari. It is said that it was created under the Tiger Reserve in 1956. Let us tell you that in 2009 UNESCO also included it in its list.

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Sulaipat Dam

After visiting Simlipal National Park, you can reach to explore Sulaipat Dam, as this beautiful dam is located at some distance from Simlipal National Park.

The greenery around the Sulaipat Dam attracts tourists a lot. The small and big mountains around the dam also serve as a beautiful backdrop. It is also famous as a picnic spot in the neighborhood. The beauty around the dam is at its peak during monsoon and winter. (Best places to visit in Odisha)

Khiching (Khiching, Baripada Odisha)

Khiching, Baripada Odisha

Khiching is a small but very beautiful village located in Baripada. Khiching is also considered as a historical village. It is said that Khiching used to be the ancient capital of Bhanj dynasty in ancient times.

Virat Garh and Keechak Fort located in Khiching reflect the story of Bhanj dynasty. In this village there is a temple of Neelkantheshwar Mahadev, which is considered to be a very ancient temple. The architecture of the temple attracts tourists a lot. The greenery of Khiching village can also make you crazy.

Baredi Waterfall (Baredi Waterfall, Baripada Odisha)

Baredi Waterfall, Baripada Odisha

Baredi Waterfall Baripada is a major tourist destination. The greenery, high mountains and grasslands around the waterfall attract the tourists.

Baredi Waterfall is considered to be the best place for nature lovers and adventure seekers. For your information, Baredi Waterfall is present among the dense forests of Simlipal National Park.

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These places can also be reached by walking

There are many other beautiful places in Baripada where you can visit anytime. One can explore the best places like Maa Ambika Temple, Mayurbhanj Mahal, Bhimkund and Devkund. Apart from trekking, you can also do memorable photography in Baripada. (This place of Odisha is more beautiful than Puri)

How to reach Baripada?

Baripada is very easy. It can be easily reached from any city of Odisha. Let us tell you that Baripada is present in Mayurbhanj district. The distance from Bhubaneswar to Baripada is about 230 km. You can also reach here from Digha in West Bengal. The distance between Digha and Baripada is about 104 km.

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