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Which state in India is called ‘Kingdom of Peanuts’, know

Which state in India is called ‘Kingdom of Peanuts’, know
Which state in India is called ‘Kingdom of Peanuts’, know

India is the seventh largest country in the world, whose total area 32,87,263 square kilometers Is. Here 28 states and 8 union territories The number of urban cities in which 7935 Till now.

these figures Ministry of Housing and Urban Development Which are taken from the census recorded in the year 2011. Before this, total number of cities in the year 2001 5161 Was. You must have heard and read about different states of India.

Every state has its own culture, cultural heritage and rich history. Along with this, some states are also known for their crops, due to which the states have got special recognition. With the onset of cold weather, the market for peanuts has also become hot in the markets. Many of you would also be fond of peanuts, who would be fond of eating hot peanuts in cold days.

In this episode, do you know which state of India is known for peanuts? If not, then we will learn about it through this article.

Where in the world are peanuts produced?

Peanuts are mainly produced in the world from Sudan to West Africa, United States of America, China and Nigeria.

Peanut production in India

Talking about groundnut production in India, mainly Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Rajasthan and Odisha Peanuts are produced the most in India. From here peanuts are supplied to different parts of India.

Which state in India is called the state of peanuts

Now let us talk about which state is called the state of peanuts, then let us tell you that Gujarat is called the state of peanuts in India.

Why is it called the peanut kingdom?

Now the question is why this state is called the state of peanuts. Actually, peanuts are produced the most in Gujarat. of the world in Gujarat alone 40 percent peanut production It happens here. in gujarat 20 lakh hectares Groundnut is cultivated on the land, from where every year about 26 lakh tons peanuts is produced.

In which cities are peanuts produced?

If you reach Gujarat, you will get to see groundnut cultivation in different cities. In this Junagadh, Rajkot, Amreli, Jamnagar, Sabarkanth and Bhavnagar Like are the major areas where you will find groundnut cultivation.

India’s peanuts are in demand in these countries

India not only produces groundnut here but also exports it to foreign countries, in which Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia There is a demand for groundnuts from India.

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