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Jamshedpur Surya Mandir: People danced to Chhath songs in the Chhath Mahotsav of Sidgora Surya Mandir Committee, Governor of Odisha Raghuvar Das participated, presentation of devotional songs by famous folk singers Nisha Pandey and Mamta Raut brought respect.

Jamshedpur: There was tremendous enthusiasm among the people in the Chhath Mahotsav organized by the Sun Temple Committee on Sunday evening on the occasion of Chhath Puja, the great festival of folk faith and sun worship, in the Sidgora Sun Temple complex of Jamshedpur. Odisha State Governor Raghuvar Das participated as the chief guest in the Chhath Mahotsav organized at the Shankha Maidan of the temple complex. During this, temple committee patron Chandragupta Singh, president Bhupendra Singh and other officials and other dignitaries were present. In the program, famous folk singer Nisha Pandey, Sur Sangram winner and renowned singer Mamta Raut and emerging singers from Jamshedpur Sneha Mishra and Daisy Thakur enthralled everyone with Chhath folk songs and devotional songs. (Also read below)

As soon as singer Nisha Pandey started singing, people were filled with enthusiasm and greeted her with loud applause. The people present thoroughly enjoyed the musical waves of different songs related to Chhath festival including ‘Chhathi Mai De Detu Lalanwa’ and ‘Bahangi Uthayi Modi Ji – Yogi Ji’. At the same time, Sur Sangram winner and famous folk singer Mamta Raut enthralled the audience with popular Chhath songs like ‘Bahangi Lachkat Jaaye’ and ‘Kaanch Hi Baans Ke Bahangiya’. Everyone from children to the elderly remained enthusiastic about the program and remained near the stage till the last part of the program. The event was presented by the artists of Sanjeeva Events. Odisha Governor Raghuvar Das, who was present as the chief guest in the program, while addressing said that Chhath Puja, a festival symbolizing faith and belief, is celebrated with full devotion in the entire country. Raghuvar Das, while wishing the countrymen and people of Jharkhand on the occasion of the great festival Chhath, said that he prays to Lord Bhaskar that all your wishes be fulfilled. He said that not only the country but people all over the world celebrate Chhath Puja with full devotion and strength., (Also read below)

Chhath Mahaparva is the supreme example of Ek Bharat-Shrestha Bharat in which all people rise above caste and sect and celebrate the festival together. The worship materials used in this are prepared together by people of all sections. He said that he never asked for anything in his life, with the immense grace of Sheetala Mata and the blessings of the people, the second form of God, the people of Jamshedpur continuously showered love and blessings on the common and struggling laborers. Due to this, for the first time as a non-tribal Chief Minister, he served the people of Jharkhand by successfully running the government for five years by giving priority to good governance and development works. Shri Das said that with the blessings of Shitala Mata and Chhathi Maiya, now I have got the opportunity to serve the state of Odisha, the holy land of Lord Mahaprabhu Jagannath of Kaliyuga. Said that he will make sincere efforts to fulfill the hopes and aspirations of the people of Odisha and Jharkhand while staying within the constitutional ambit. Encouraging the artists, Shri Das said that artists are not made in a day. Only those who have divine power and years of penance and sadhana are hidden behind it, become artists. Music and bhajans are also a means of worshiping God during Chhath Puja and other pujas. Praising all the officials and members of the Sun Temple Committee, Governor Raghuvar Das said that the committee took a commendable decision to conduct Chhath Mahotsav in a peaceful manner without paying attention to any dispute, for which he congratulated all the members of the committee. (Also read below)

At the same time, Chandragupta Singh, patron of the Sun Temple Committee, said that the Sun Temple Committee will always continue to discharge its responsibilities by engaging in religious and social work. Said that Chhath Maiya will definitely provide welfare to those who cause disruption in Chhath Puja. Sun Temple Committee will continue the work of preserving religion and culture with full devotion. Before this, all the artists were welcomed and felicitated by the Sun Temple Committee. During this, Dinesh Kumar, senior member of the stage steering committee, did this. During the program, Bhupendra Singh, Sanjeev Singh, Anand Bihari Dubey, Shivshankar Singh, Munna Agarwal, Akhilesh Chaudhary, Amarjeet Singh Raja, Shailesh Gupta, Prem Jha, Bunty Agarwal, Kanchan Dutta, Krishnamohan Singh, Shashikant Singh, Pramod Mishra, Kamlesh Singh, Mithilesh Singh Yadav, Gunjan Yadav, Rambabu Tiwari, Dinesh Kumar, Kulwant Singh Bunty, Rakesh Singh, Pawan Agarwal, Boltu Sarkar, Santosh Thakur, Bablu Gop, Ajay Singh, Hemant Singh, Dhruv Mishra, Deepak Jha, Suresh Sharma, Dharmendra Prasad, Bimal Baitha, Ashok Samant, Rocky Singh, Kumar Abhishek, Gautam Prasad, Nirmal Gop, Ram Mishra, Om Poddar, Raj Sharma, Sonu Srivastava, Niket Singh, Dhaneshwar Singh, Tajinder Singh Johnny, Amish Agarwal, Ranjit Singh, Rishav Singh, Rakesh Rao, Chhakkan Chaudhary, Umesh Giri and many other members were present.

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