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Tunnel accident in Uttarakhand; Robots to the rescue

Tunnel accident in Uttarakhand; Robots to the rescue
Tunnel accident in Uttarakhand; Robots to the rescue

The rescue mission continues for those trapped inside the tunnel in Uttarakhand. The Director of National Highways Development Corporation said that a six-inch diameter pipe was laid through the fallen debris to the place where the workers were trapped.

41 people are inside the tunnel. Officials said everyone is safe. Once the pipe is installed, more communication will be possible with the trapped people and delivery of food and essential medicines to them. The two robots developed by DRDO under the Ministry of Defense have been deployed for the rescue mission. The move is to pass a small robot equipped with a camera to check the conditions beyond and live footage of the workers. Arnold Dix, an international tunneling expert, arrived at the scene yesterday.

Meanwhile, while rescuers continue to try all possible means, uncertainty remains as to when the workers will be rescued from the tunnel. The authorities have concluded that it will take from two and a half days to five days. On the last 12th, a part of the tunnel under construction in Silkyara collapsed and the workers were trapped inside.

Now the move is to dig down from the top of the hill and enter inside. A road is currently being built to bring the machinery up the hill. At the same time, there is a concern that the tunnel below may collapse when digging about 120 meters from the top.

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