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Maharashtra Water Shortage Only 69 Percent Water Storage in Dams; Severe water shortage in the state

m. Ta. Special Representative, Mumbai : The state is faced with severe water shortage crisis by the end of November. On the one hand, while the amount of water supply by tankers is increasing, information has come to light that only 69.19 percent of water is left in around two thousand 994 dams in the state till Monday. This amount of water storage in the dams was 89.70 percent during the same period last year. Therefore, it seems that the state will have to face the crisis of drought as the water reserves are less by 20 percent this year compared to last year. Mainly, the shortage is severe in Aurangabad area and only 36.26 percent water storage has been recorded in Aurangabad till Monday.

Statistics by three categories

The water supply department has announced water storage and other information in dams under three categories. It includes major, medium and micro dams. Currently, 74.51 percent (last year this figure was 94.29 percent) of water storage is remaining in the 138 main dams of the state. The capacity of these 138 dams is 28098.56 MCM, and currently 21659.23 MCM of water storage is available.

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The situation in Aurangabad is alarming

Aurangabad currently has only 36.26 percent water storage left. This ratio is the least compared to other districts. According to the division wise records of dams, Aurangabad’s 44 major dams have only 41.85 percent, 81 medium size dams only 29.58 percent and 795 micro size dams have only 25.68 percent water, the report said.

There was also a backlash in the cabinet meeting

A senior official in the ministry informed that in the recently held meeting of the state cabinet, there was a discussion about the water shortage in the state. On this occasion, there was a discussion about water scarcity in Marathwada. It is learned that Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis discussed the issue in detail. At the same time, information has also come forward that Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis has once again taken a strong stand for the Jayakwadi project.

Total Water Storage in Dams (Percentage)

District Total Dams Current Stock Last Year Stock

Nagpur 383 72.88 83.17

Amravati 261 78.45 96.12

Aurangabad 920 36.26 89.99

Nashik 537 75.39 89.65

Pune 720 74.91 90.77

Konkan 173 86.27 86.35

Total 2,994 69.19 89.70

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