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DG circular to cut wages.. Homeguards fire!

DG circular to cut wages.. Homeguards fire!
DG circular to cut wages.. Homeguards fire!

Disha, Telangana Crime Bureau: The government has given daily duty allowance to 2,000 home guards who went to Madhya Pradesh for election duties, and a circular has been issued cutting their wages here. There is a lot of dissatisfaction among the home guards. Under the supervision of Home Guards SP Bhaskar and ACP M. Bhaskar, they performed duties in Chindwara and Sian districts of Madhya Pradesh from 12th to 18th of this month. Daily duty allowance per home guard is Rs.921 paid to our government. Rs.250 was given to each home guard under diet charges.

Even if it is less..

The home guards said that their food expenses were more than Rs.250 given under diet charges. As they did not like the food there, the four and five bought rice, vegetables and other materials and cooked and ate them. He said that a kilo of rice is Rs.80 and the prices of vegetables are high. It was explained that the cost for morning tiffin, lunch and dinner was Rs.300 to Rs.400 per person. They said that their services were recognized by the high officials of Madhya Pradesh Police and given a book.

Issuance of circular

Home Guards Additional DGP Abhilash Bist has issued a circular (RC No. 285/Home Guards, ACCTS/2023) on 17th of this month to the Commissioners and SCs to cut down the number of days they have worked there, in view of the payment of daily duty allowances by the Madhya Pradesh government. . The home guards say that the higher police officials have issued such orders that they are not government employees.

The home guards are questioning if this is the reward given to us if we leave our wives and children and go to a neighboring state to do our duties without celebrating Diwali. Ramagundam Police Commissioner Home Guard who came to Madhya Pradesh said that Shyam had died of heart attack and asked the government to provide financial assistance.

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