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All ministers are scammers | Congress accuses BJP | Dainik Gomantak

All ministers are scammers | Congress accuses BJP | Dainik Gomantak
All ministers are scammers | Congress accuses BJP | Dainik Gomantak

Goa Politics Dainik Gomantak

Goa Politics: A group of eight MLAs who defected from the Congress to the BJP went not for development work in their constituencies, but because of the assurances given to them and it has been revealed that it was only because of one of them. BJP was the mastermind behind breaking the opposition Congress group.

Every minister in BJP government is involved in corruption and scam. Congress state president Amit Patkar today made a sensational allegation that this party has killed democracy.

When asked about the cabinet reshuffle, Patkar said, BJP has become a corrupt Jumla party. Congress MLAs have been lured and broken. Many scams have happened one after the other in this government. Ahead of the 2022 assembly elections, an MLA in the government exposed the recruitment scam in the public works department. So the dreams of many candidates who were waiting for these jobs were shattered. He also said that this government is playing with the future of the young generation.

Nilesh Cabral had said that he would resign on his own if there was a scam in the recruitment process of the Public Works Department. Although he is now explaining that he resigned on the orders of his superiors and on the request of the Chief Minister, he should not have resigned. Because it proves them guilty.

The Chief Minister should explain whether his resignation was due to corruption or because he was inefficient. The government has removed Cabral from his ministerial post because of his involvement in corruption. Patkar also said that he gives the list of ministers involved in the scam.

Financial loot in the name of event management

It took a year to fulfill the promise given to the eight MLAs who defected from the Congress party and joined the BJP. This government broke up this group to undermine the strong side of the opposition.

Therefore, the government was free to loot the fields with the force of the majority. By reducing the number of opponents, they are approving everything with the force of majority. Financial loot is going on in the name of event management. Also about 1.44 lakh sq. I. Amit Patkar alleged that looting is going on after selling lands.

Nilesh Cabral has no ego

Last year, before the assembly elections, the BJP government had lured the youth generation of Goa with 10,000 jobs. But after coming to power after the election, the same government started selling jobs by auction. So it is time to send these corrupt ministers home and at the right time Gomantika voters will show their support. MLA Nilesh Cabral does not have much influence in Kudchde. They slaughtered thousands of trees for the Tamnar project. A coal hub was allowed, supporting a double rail line through Kudtade. He did not like ego and nature. Patkar said that they had set out to destroy Goa.

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