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Hot meal kichidi sent trapped workers in 9 days in Uttarakhand tunnel tragedy

Hot meal kichidi sent trapped workers in 9 days in Uttarakhand tunnel tragedy
Hot meal kichidi sent trapped workers in 9 days in Uttarakhand tunnel tragedy
All-out efforts are being made for the past ten days to rescue 41 laborers trapped in the Silkyara tunnel accident in Uttarakhand. In this order, relief measures on Monday gave some relief. They managed to pass a six-inch diameter pipe down through the rubble of the tunnel. Through this, hot food was given to the trapped victims after 9 days. Officials said that roti, curries, kichidi, fruits, mobile phones and chargers were filled in bottles and brought to the workers.

He said that an endoscopy-type camera will be used to watch the scenes live where the workers are. Since last Sunday, only dry fruits, medicines and oxygen are being sent through a four inch tube. The victims claimed that they were able to hear what they were saying because a pipe was sent 53 meters deep to the other side of the ruins. Drones and robots have been brought from DRDO for other purposes. Another 36 tons of equipment was brought in by Air Force aircraft.

A man named Hemant, who cooks for the trapped workers, said that they sent hot food for the first time after 9 days. They said that they are preparing only recommended food.

Colonel Deepak Patil, the in-charge of the rescue operation, revealed that food, mobiles and chargers were sent in through an alternative route. He explained that food was prepared for their health with the advice and instructions of the doctors and bananas, apples, kichidi and dalia were sent in cylindrical plastic bottles.

Anshu Manish Khulko, director of National Highways and Infrastructure Development Corporation, said that there was an atmosphere of happiness among the trapped laborers after learning about this progress. The NHIDCL Director said that the rescue personnel will now go full force to bring out the workers. “There was doubt as to what would happen if the first lifeline was closed… but now we have set up an alternative lifeline… now we will go full force,” Khulko said.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Narendra Modi advised Uttarakhand CM Pushkar Singh Dhami to ensure that the morale of the trapped construction workers does not weaken. To this extent, Modi spoke to him on the phone.

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