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In an exclusive interview for the Rajasthan election, Sachin Pilot told how his relationship with Ashok Gehlot is

In an exclusive interview for the Rajasthan election, Sachin Pilot told how his relationship with Ashok Gehlot is
In an exclusive interview for the Rajasthan election, Sachin Pilot told how his relationship with Ashok Gehlot is
New Delhi/Jaipur: Senior Congress leader and former Deputy CM of Rajasthan Sachin Pilot has said that he no longer has any grievances. Whatever grievances they had, the central leadership has resolved them. He said that his demand was related to the interests of the people of Rajasthan and he always raised them. Congress leader Sachin Pilot was having an exclusive conversation with NBT. Pilot said that he has no dispute with CM Ashok Gehlot and the issues that were there are old. Right now their goal is only to bring back the Congress government. He claimed that the custom of changing the Raj in the state will change and the Congress government will be formed again. However, regarding who will become the CM, he said that the Congress never declares the face of the CM in the states first. After winning this time too, everyone will choose the CM together. Here are the important parts of the conversation with Sachin Pilot…

Question: How many chances do you see for Congress in the Rajasthan assembly elections?
Sachin Pilot: Look, every election is different. This time in Rajasthan, the tradition of 30 years will be broken and we will be successful in regaining the trust of the public. This time the custom of changing the Raj will change every five years. The Congress government is definitely coming back. We are all doing our best for it.

Question: But all opinion polls are showing a different picture. It is said that anti-incumbency and ticket distribution are having an adverse effect on the Congress.
Pilot: Ticket distribution in the party is done after the survey report and consultation among all the leaders. The ticket is given to the winning candidate. After being in power for five years, there is anti-incumbency. But the way we have won elections in Karnataka and Himachal Pradesh in the last few months, there is also passion and enthusiasm. Apart from this khud BJP में बिखराव है, आशे में वह अक्य का के अंगर्ज को.

Question: What is the meaning of BJP?
Sachin Pilot: People of BJP have not left their homes for five years. They have no leadership in the state. Everyone saw that there was no people in his public outcry journey, and no outcry was shown. Their leaders are not getting any response. People have seen the leaders of the center too. In such a way, their words have no effect.

Question: But BJP is raising common people’s issues like paper leak, women crime, corruption in Rajasthan. Elections are being contested on the face of Modi.
Pilot: BJP is raising issues, but not seriously. If there is any crime against women then we will take action. BJP wants to divide people by raising issues related to temple-mosque. That may not be an issue of politics. We are contesting elections on development and related issues. अवर जाहन तक PM Modi की बात है तो है हर राज्य में कीमपेन की एक की कैमानी क्याण निकला? People are not ready to hear the same thing every time.

Question: But the BJP is also referring to you that issues like paper leak and corruption have also been raised by you?
Pilot: Yes, I raised related issues within my government and party. After raising issues on my behalf, the central leadership gave instructions to the state government and strict steps were taken. No one has the right to play with the future of millions of youth. All issues are resolved. It’s teamwork. Now BJP is using ED-CBI, it is frustration.

Question: So now you are campaigning with full strength? जो गुज्ञार थि, क्या वह पूर्टर दोर हो चुची है?
Pilot: मेरी विश्वार तो कबही थी ही नहीनी. We were talking for the development of our state. The issues that I raised were common people. Is it wrong to pick them up? சுக்கு குச்சு வாயு வர் குக்கு புக்கி ராயா, that will be further. We wanted reform in the Rajasthan Public Service Commission. Chief Minister Gahlot ji himself admitted that there was some mistake in the appointment. This too will be fine. Here we will bring complete transparency.Question: It is being said that the victory in 2018 was due to the large contribution of your locality and the Gurjar vote, which this time may be ousted from the Congress. अपका क्य केहना है?
Pilot: Some people present a wrong picture by talking about caste. Congress is a very big party. Last time I was the state president of the party. Then we decided that the first will win and then the central leadership will decide who will become the CM. It will be the same this time too. Whenever the party gave me any responsibility, I did it. When a party wins, every community gets support.

Question: You have emerged as the party’s star campaigner. All states are being sent to you.

Pilot: Today the country needs a strong Congress. Congress will be strong when we form government in different states. That’s why mujhe jahan bhi bola jaaat hai, main party ka kaam karne jata han. But right now my focus is on Rajasthan. It is my responsibility to change the custom this time.

Question: You are considered close to Rahul. What will be the strategy of 2024 General Election?
Sachin Pilot: Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Jodo Yatra has given new energy to the party. We saw this in Karnataka. Six months ago in Telangana, we were not even considered in the race, but today we are close to forming the government there. I believe that Congress will perform better in this assembly election and this will strengthen India alliance.

Question: How is your relationship with Ashok Gahlot now?
Pilot: Muz party president Mallikarjun Kharge ji had called 6 months ago. Rahul Gandhi was also present in the meeting. There was a rebellion in the party last year in September. But I was told to forget the old thing and move on. It was said that together defeat the BJP. I accepted the party’s order. We forgot everything. In that meeting it was decided that we would win the election first. Then, according to the party’s tradition, after winning the election, decisions will be made on leadership and many other issues.

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