Protest to cancel the case against farmers

Kumbakonam: The Tamil Nadu Cauvery Farmers’ Protection Association protested in front of the Kumbakonam Kotaksia office on Monday, demanding the cancellation of all cases against farmers.

In this, Thiruvannamalai district, Seiyaru Melma not only threatened the farmers to set up Chipkot and took over their livelihood lands, but also arrested the farmers who did not want to give up their lands in the middle of the night under various sections including the Kund Act.

The state government has taken action against the farmers who have been fighting for peace for more than 100 days, the biggest crime that has ever happened in any state in India. We strongly condemn the Tamil Nadu government’s registration of the Gund Act, which did not even apply to the farmers who had fought for more than 380 days in Delhi.

Therefore, Melma should quash all the cases registered against the farmers who did not provide land for setting up Sipkot. Similarly, in Krishnagiri district, this protest was held demanding that the youth Arul, who fought against the 8-lane highway, should be released from jail and the criminal law should be repealed.

Association Secretary Swamimalai Sundara. Many people participated in this protest held under the leadership of Vimalnathan.

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