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It seems that Telangana was won for the sake of KCR’s family

It seems that Telangana was won for the sake of KCR’s family
It seems that Telangana was won for the sake of KCR’s family
  • It seems that Telangana was won for the sake of KCR’s family
  • If KCR opens his mouth, it’s a lie
  • Defeat BRS and BJP
  • Jago Telangana State Convenor, Ex-IAS Akunuri Murali

NAGAR KURNOOL, VELVAM : Jago Telangana state convener and former IAS officer Akunuri Murali expressed his grief that the incompetents of the administration have swallowed the aspirations, hopes and future of the people of Telangana with billions of crores of scams. He said that it is time to defeat KCR, who is full of lies and arrogance if he opens his mouth, and the Modi government, which has become a carafe address of the fascist regime with religious hatred.

The Jago Telangana Bus Yatra under the auspices of the Telangana State Democratic Party continued on the 20th day on Monday at Bijinepally, Nagar Kurnool district headquarters. Discussed with morning walkers at district center. Speaking at Bijnepalli street corner, he said that Kaleswaram project and Mission Bhagiratha schemes were obstructed and corruption was rampant. He said that Madigadda collapsed due to KCR’s corruption. He said that education and medical sectors in the state have been destroyed and injustice has been done to the unemployed.

KCR, who has supported Modi’s policies at the Center for nine years, has started new dramas before the elections. He said that MIM is supporting BRS..BJP, BRS and MIM are one. Professors Lakshminarayana, Padmaja Shah, Vinayak Reddy, Nainala Govardhan, YSL Padma, DBF National Secretary P. Shankar, Ramakrishna, Puli Kalpana, Nirmala Sandhya, Saujanya, Gaus, Balu, Ramu, Saranna, Vinay participated.

The goal is to defeat them

Murali said that we will work with the objective of defeating BRS and BJP in the elections. Speaking at Gadwala on Monday, he said that BRS is enjoying the fruits of Telangana formed with the sacrifices of 1200 martyrs. Ranjith Kumar, Buchibabu and Govindu are there.

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