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Eric Garcetti seeks Indo-US cooperation on AI control.

of India On the US AI Regulatory Framework Ambassador for Deeper Indo-US Cooperation Eric Garcetti(Eric Garcetti) asked.Eric Garcetti artificial intelligence (AI) has recently made interesting comments.

About how to control AI India, US He asked them to discuss more together. He expressed the opinion that this would make their bond stronger and better.

Observer Research FoundationThese comments were made in a program organized by the Observer Research Foundation.

Garcetti says AI is so powerful that it can be dangerous if we’re not careful.

He said that the two countries have discussed this earlier but have not yet agreed on anything.US President Joe Biden(President Joe Biden) has also revealed that he is paying a lot of attention to this matter.

Biden wants to tell the government how safe and reliable their products are AI companies He also said that he had ordered.

That we need to act fast before anything bad happens with AI Garcetti He said that this may happen sooner than we think.India, US Also about the recent meeting between Defense and External Affairs Ministers Garcetti spoke


their In Defense PartnershipHe said that progress has been made in Defense Cooperation. He said that there are plans to work together in industry and defense projects.

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India, US too A.I Garcetti said to talk more about. In technology On new fields He said that we should work together. Not only on weapons, but also on our Militaries It is also suggested to focus on how they work together. India and America Science and Technology He called to use it for good purposes.

People are warned to avoid technology that offends or divides.

Indo-Pacific region To keep it peaceful India, America He said that it was revealed in the joint statement after the meeting that they want to.

They want to follow the rules and cooperate with other countries.

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