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A silent revolution is coming in Telangana: Kishan Reddy

A silent revolution is coming in Telangana: Kishan Reddy
A silent revolution is coming in Telangana: Kishan Reddy
  • A quiet revolution is coming
  • Favorable for BJP in most segments
  • We are followed by the youth, the unemployed and the poor
  • A graph that has grown since the BC CM, Manifesto
  • Six Modi sabhas are planned this week
  • If it comes to power in the state, the BRS government will investigate the corruption with the sitting judge
  • BJP state president Kishan Reddy

Hyderabad : Kishan Reddy, state chief of the party, said that a quiet revolution is coming in the state and there is a favorable environment for the BJP in many segments. He said that the situation has completely changed after the release of the BC Chief Minister’s announcement and manifesto. Speaking to the media today, he said that a fast-track law committee has been set up to speed up the SES classification case before the Supreme Court bench. They explained that SC classification has changed in their favor.

He said that when BJP comes to power, salaries will be given on the first date of every month. He explained that the BJP is getting support and support from all the communities at the field level beyond the expectations, and the people from the weaker sections and the Dalits are standing in support of the BJP. He said that BRS campaign chariots are not allowed to enter the villages. They said that it is certain that KCR sir will be gone in Telangana and they are confident that BJP will come to power.

He said that the Congress party has drunk the blood of Telangana people for decades. He fired that Congress was the party responsible for the martyrdom of 365 students in the 1969 movement and 1200 students in the Malidasa movement. He explained that the Congress has no sincerity towards the development of Telangana, they will do what they say. Congress in the name of water yajna, KCR in the name of Kaleshwaram, accused of looting the wealth of Telangana.

He said that people want an effective double engine government in the state. If the aspirations of the activists are to be fulfilled and development is to take place, the BJP government should come in Telangana. He criticized that Congress and BRS are competing to deceive people with promises that are impossible to implement. People are laughing at how 6 guarantees will be implemented in Telangana, not just 5 guarantees in Karnataka.

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