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Opportunity for D.Ed-B.Ed holders! Recruitment of 20 thousand more teachers in the state; Process to be implemented soon Recruitment of 20 thousand teachers in Maharashtra, employment opportunities for D.Ed and B.Ed holders

Nagpur: Education department has decided to recruit 20 thousand more teachers. Accordingly, the process for recruitment of teachers will be implemented soon and employment opportunities will be available to D.Ed and B.Ed holders.

The process of filling up the posts of 13,500 teachers has been going on in the state for the past few days, and many teachers have been given appointment letters so far. Accordingly, teachers are being admitted in various schools, yet since there are large number of vacant posts in government schools, it has been decided to recruit teachers again.

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As teachers are not recruited every year, even after the admission process is completed, there is a problem in filling the government quota seats in the five aided D.Ed colleges in the city. It is being said that this will help increase the number of students in D.Ed colleges if teachers are recruited every year.


The article is in Marathi


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