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Where is India in Israel-Hamas war? By not attending the BRICS meeting, PM Modi gave a message

Where is India in Israel-Hamas war? By not attending the BRICS meeting, PM Modi gave a message
Where is India in Israel-Hamas war? By not attending the BRICS meeting, PM Modi gave a message
New Delhi: Emergency meeting of BRICS has been called in the midst of Israel-Hamas war. This meeting is being held under the leadership of South Africa. It is called Virtually. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will not participate in this meeting. External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar is going to participate in the meeting from the Indian side. From the point of view of India’s diplomacy in BRICS, it has started to have many meanings. Chinese President Xi Jinping and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin will appear together in the meeting. It seems to be a different kind of axis. The biggest challenge for India is to maintain a balance between the Western world and Russia-China. Here is also a tough test of India’s foreign policy.

BRICS Israel Hamas War

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India will avoid standing on one side
Now India would like that no one-sided opinion should be allowed on the Israeli war. In this connection, it is necessary that a manifesto should not be issued against anyone. He will avoid becoming someone’s voice. At the same time, both Russia and China may have a common position on this issue. Both are enemies of America. This enemy makes both of them pass. Currently, having Russia in BRICS is good for India. Russia is an old friend of India. This group includes Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. China and Russia along with Iran are trying to bring the Arab countries under their umbrella. However, at first it seemed that Russia was standing against Israel. However, the Russian president has made it clear that he has good relations with Israel. South Africa has upset the balance
Earlier, South Africa’s position in BRICS was quite balanced. But, in recent years, its trends have changed. He is leaning towards China. Russia reads India’s message well. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s non-participation in BRICS is a big part of the exercise of not standing with any one, along with giving a message to China. China has been exposed to the world. No one believes in that. Wasted interest is behind everything he does. This is the reason why it is not easy for Arab countries to accept China.

However, it cannot be denied that America is repeatedly making mistakes. He leaves no stone unturned in preparing the camp. Even after the Russo-Ukraine war, countries like India were under tremendous pressure of Khemebazi. Something like this happened even after the Israel-Hamas war. S Jaishankar is PM Modi’s most capable minister to put India’s stance on the international stage. The Prime Minister has shown his trust again.

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