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Telangana assembly election expenses must be done like this..?

Politicians have a lot of daily maintenance. Election time is needless to say. First you have to spend money like fresh water. In order to gain an upper hand over the opponents and win the election, money has to be spent to reach people from all walks of life. And during the election, the leaders of all the caste groups have to be appeased. All the wishes they ask for will be fulfilled. Apart from that, it is well known that if the spending goes back, it will have an impact on the results of the elections. Currently, the candidates contesting in the Telangana Assembly elections from all parties are running out of money.

As it is now the month of Kartika, the Vanabhojana program is going on in full swing. With this, the leaders of the respective parties are giving instructions to the candidates regarding Kartika Vanabhojana. It is suggested to set up large-scale afforestation programs. In addition to this, the candidates of the respective parties are asked to bear the cost of the Samaradhana organized by the respective caste associations. With this, the candidates are going to benefit by keeping in mind the forest resources of all the caste communities. Labodibo says that although they are expecting financial support to this extent from the party leadership, the situation is not being seen at present as there are suggestions that the candidates should spend their own money.

As the election polling time is approaching and it is the month of Kartika, the leaders are struggling not to deny anyone. Each caste community is demanding at least 10 lakhs for Kartika Vana Samaradhana. As a result, it has become a burden for the candidates to bear the cost of the negative community. However, if they want to have the support of the respective caste groups in these elections, then they are bearing the expenses because of the instructions from the party leadership that they should not back down in this matter of expenditure.

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