“Vijayadharani will not get caught” – Selvaperunthagai action

“Vijayadharani will not get caught” – Selvaperunthagai action
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The current hot dog of Tamil Nadu is Vijayatharani of the Congress party who is the MLA from Vilavankode constituency in Kanyakumari district.

Congress MLA Vijayatharani, who has contested from Vilavankode constituency for the last three consecutive terms, has caused shock among the Congress supporters as news has come out that she will join the BJP as the parliamentary elections are approaching.

While some members of the Congress are talking about this, Vijayadharani, who has been with the Congress for a long time, expected to get the post of Legislative Congress Committee President when he won the assembly elections in 2021. After not getting that, he thought that he would get the post of Tamil Nadu Congress Committee president. But recently the post was given to Assembly Congress Committee President Selvaperundhai. It is said that such information has been published.

Also, Prime Minister Modi is coming to Tamil Nadu soon. It is also said that Vijayatharani will join the BJP then. As per this, Congress MLA. Vijayatharani has also been in Delhi for the past few days.

In this environment, various information about Vijayatharani has been circulating in the political circles for the past couple of days. Tamil Nadu Congress Committee President Selvaperunthagai has given an explanation for all this.

The financial status report for this financial year was tabled in the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly yesterday. After that, MLA Selvaperundagai, who met the reporters in the assembly complex, said, “Vijayatharani, who is a lawyer, has been an MLA for three times. BJP likes children, they will cast a net to catch whoever is capable and detailed. But, our Vijayadharani will not fall into the net they throw. He has gone to Delhi in connection with a case,” he said.

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