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Government servant committed suicide due to usury; Anbumani urged to take action

Government servant committed suicide due to usury; Anbumani urged to take action
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Chennai: A government employee who was victimized by usury has committed suicide in the office of the Superintendent of Police. In this case, will the Tamil Nadu government take action against the gambling gangs? PAMA leader Anbumani Ramadoss has questioned.

In a statement released by BAMA President Anbumani Ramadoss, “Vanda Phoovahagan, who worked as a pharmacist at Chidambaram Government Medical College Hospital, was disrespected by the Ganduvatti gang and committed suicide by drinking Nanju at the Cuddalore District Police Superintendent’s office. It is a great shock and pain. It is reprehensible that the government and the police have not taken any action to control the rampant gang of extortionists for many years.

Phoovahagan, a resident of Chethiyathoppu area, took money from Krishnamurthy and Govindaswamy of the same area for extortion. Krishnamurthy and Govindaswamy threatened to demand more money even after paying many times the amount of the loan with interest. At one point, they kidnapped Poovahagan, tortured him by knocking him in their own place and insulted him with inappropriate words. Unable to bear it, Boovalagan tried to commit suicide by drinking Nanju on the last 12th day and fell unconscious in the office of the District Superintendent of Police. He was admitted to the hospital and died yesterday.

The gang is said to be threatening hundreds of others like Poovahagan by giving them loans and demanding exorbitant interest. It is said that these gangs identify government employees and businessmen and make them addicted to gambling and collect usurious interest by lending lakhs of money for gambling. It is said that if no immediate action is taken against usury and gambling gangs, more suicides like Poovahagan cannot be prevented.

It is said that the police who registered a case on the basis of the statement given by Puvazhagan tried to commit suicide and interrogated the vested interest gang. But it is said that they were released following the intervention of political figures from Cuddalore district. It is because of the courage and support given by the political parties that the gangs of Ganduvatti are involved in. This should not be allowed.

Usury has been banned in Tamil Nadu. The police should not act in favor of vested interests without respecting it. The police should arrest and punish the usury and gambling gangs responsible for the suicide of Pharmacist Bhuwazhagan. The Tamil Nadu government and the police should take action against the political figures who supported them,” he said.

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