Clueless Congress leaders: Stammering without knowing about BJPs plan | Cong., Leaders who don’t know about it: BJP, Stumbling without knowing the plan

Clueless Congress leaders: Stammering without knowing about BJPs plan | Cong., Leaders who don’t know about it: BJP, Stumbling without knowing the plan
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Like the northern states, Karnataka too is waiting for senior leaders to join the BJP to suffocate the Congress leaders in the Lok Sabha elections.

As the announcement of Lok Sabha elections approaches, there is talk in political circles that there is a lot of confusion in the Congress across the country.

In the northern states, the Congress is joining the BJP in large numbers. Due to this, the Congress leaders are disturbed. Rahul’s pilgrimage has also been halted.

Just a few days ago, former Maharashtra Chief Minister Ashok Chauhan quit the Congress and joined the BJP. He has been given Rajya Sabha MP seat immediately.

Tamil Nadu

In Tamil Nadu, 14 former MLAs of ADMK recently joined BJP. Meanwhile, many leaders including former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath, Lok Sabha MP Manish Tiwari are said to be joining the BJP.

Now they are denying it, but it is reported that they are waiting for the situation.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has set a target for BJP leaders to win 400 seats in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

In order to realize that dream, there is a shocking news that the influential leaders of the Congress are ready to join the BJP in Karnataka as well.

Union Home Minister Amit Shah recently inaugurated the mandapam built by him at the Suttar Mutt on the invitation of senior Congress leader Chamanur Sivasankarappa.

Sivasankarappa has written to BJP national president Natta to give more chance to the Veera Saiva Lingayat community in the Lok Sabha elections.

Congress advice

Meanwhile, many Congress leaders who feel that they will not get a chance to contest the elections are considering joining the BJP. It has come to light that the party leaders are trying to pacify them.

More than 500 dignitaries from Karnataka participated in the two-day National BJP Council meeting in New Delhi. They have returned to the state feeling very excited by the speech of the top leaders of the party.

It is said that there will be a change in the politics of Karnataka as the Lok Sabha elections get closer and closer. The BJP leaders are holding consultations to stifle the Congress leaders.

Congress leaders are going to leave the party without conducting Operation Tamar. The list for this is not only with the BJP but also with the Congress.

Not knowing about BJP’s plan, Congress leaders are stuck

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