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Rest house being built in Haryana, Deputy CM inaugurated it at a cost of crores

Rest house being built in Haryana, Deputy CM inaugurated it at a cost of crores
Rest house being built in Haryana, Deputy CM inaugurated it at a cost of crores

2/25/2024 2:18:08 PM

Palwal (Dinesh Kumar), Haryana Deputy CM Dushyant Chautala inaugurated and laid the foundation stone of development works in Hathin assembly constituency at a cost of about Rs 7.50 crore. In which the newly constructed rest house in village Mandkola was inaugurated at a cost of Rs 3 crore 93 lakh 98 thousand and the foundation stone of two roads was laid at a cost of Rs 3 crore 34 lakh 27 thousand. On this occasion, Hathin MLA Praveen Dagar, JJP District President Devendra Saurot, former District President Surendra Saurot, Tuhiram Bhardwaj, Vishwakumar Bhalu, Hathin Assembly President of JJP Party Sukhram Dagar were also present.

Deputy Chief Minister Dushyant Chautala said that rest houses are being built by the state government within a radius of about 20 kilometers in each assembly constituency. So that the public representatives and officials can meet and listen to the complaints and problems of the common people and solve them. He said that the people here will get the facility of rest house built in village Mandkola. He said that the approval to make the road from Palwal to Nuhan four lane has been given by the Central Government.

Crores of rupees provided for renovation of roads

Deputy CM said that an amount of Rs 25 crore has been provided for the renovation of roads in each assembly constituency. Development has been given impetus in Hathin assembly constituency. There will be no dearth of development in Hathin area in the coming times also. In Haryana, work is being done to repair SC and BC Chaupals at a cost of Rs 200 crore. Beautification work of ponds is being done in villages. About 1700 ponds have been cleaned in the state.

Dushyant spoke on AAP-Congress alliance

A target has been set to clean 2500 ponds this year. Arrangements have been made to provide clean drinking water to the people in Hathin area. On the other hand, Dushyant Chautala said about the alliance of Congress and AAP that this shows that Congress is scared of the Lok Sabha elections, due to which it has formed this alliance and we are preparing for 10 out of 10 seats. The decision of the alliance will be decided by the central leadership. And we will definitely be a part of the government.

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