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Can’t come to Delhi on 26th for CBI investigation BRS MLC Kavitha Letter To CBI: Telangana

Can’t come to Delhi on 26th for CBI investigation BRS MLC Kavitha Letter To CBI: Telangana
Can’t come to Delhi on 26th for CBI investigation BRS MLC Kavitha Letter To CBI: Telangana

Witness, Hyderabad: BRS MLC Kalwakuntla Kavitha clarified to the CBI that it is not possible to attend the hearing in Delhi on 26th of this month in view of pre-arranged programs. He asked the CBI to cancel or withdraw the notice issued to him under Section 41A of CrPC. Kavitha wrote a letter to the CBI in this regard on Sunday. The CBI has recently issued a notice under CrPC 41A to MLC Kavitha to appear before the Delhi Liquor case. In the letter written in response to those notices, the key points of the poem were mentioned.

He said that there was no reason to issue notices under Section 41A of the CrPC, that the then investigating officer had given a similar notice under Section 160 in December 2022, and that the current Section 41A notice is completely contrary to the Section 160 notice issued earlier. He said that it is not clear why and under what circumstances notices were given under Section 41A, and if the CBI needs any questions or information, they will be available to appear virtually. He stated that the issuance of notices to him raises many questions at a time when the Parliament elections are approaching. He objected that being called to Delhi would prevent him from participating in the election process as he had election campaign responsibilities.

I have no role in the allegations made by CBI
Kavitha said that she has no role in the allegations made by the CBI and that the case is pending in the court. He said that if the ED issued notices in the past, he had approached the Supreme Court and it was pending. The Additional Solicitor General has assured the Supreme Court that he will not be called for investigation and it has been clarified that the assurance given in the Supreme Court also applies to the CBI. Earlier, when the CBI team came to his residence in Hyderabad, he cooperated with the investigation and said that he would certainly cooperate with the CBI Darya Patuna anytime.

But calling to Delhi again after a gap of 15 months, the change of sections raises many suspicions, he said. Our party (BRS) has entrusted some responsibilities in the background of the Parliament elections. The schedule of election campaigns and meetings across the state for the next six weeks has been finalized. I will participate in the party meetings for the next 6 weeks in the wake of the parliamentary elections. Therefore, I will not be able to attend the hearing on 26th February. Kavita replied to the CBI, “Look into the suspension of the notices issued in the context of the Parliament elections.”

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