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IT in schools Research; Kerala leads in laptop usage

IT in schools Research; Kerala leads in laptop usage
IT in schools Research; Kerala leads in laptop usage

25 February 2024, 11:03 AM IST

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Thiruvananthapuram: IT in schools According to the report of the Union Ministry of Education, Kerala is leading in education-based learning. Kerala is at the forefront of the country in the use of laptops or notebooks for advanced studies and availability of projectors. The report was prepared by the Ministry of Education after evaluating the facilities in schools in the states and Union Territories for the academic year 2021-22.

There are 16,420 schools in Kerala. 89 percent of these schools have laptops or notebooks for IT. Assessment is available for study. Nationally it is only 12.9 percent. 82.3 percent schools in the state have projectors. Only 16.7 percent nationally. Kerala is leading with a gain of 7.4 percent among schools that have prepared digital libraries.

Some have a long way to go

• In terms of digital board, smart board and virtual classrooms, West Bengal ranks first.

• ICT in Government Schools Punjab is leading in lab preparation – 96.1 percent. Only 87.1 percent of government schools in Kerala. Meanwhile, Kerala is leading in aided schools – 91.3 percent. In Punjab it is only 66 percent.

• 99.9% of the 94,744 schools in West Bengal have been equipped with smart classrooms. Punjab is second-53.9 percent. Kerala is third with 38.6 percent. Delhi tops the list of small states and Union Territories with 43.6 percent.

• Bengal leads the way in using mobile phones for educational purposes – 99.9 percent. In Kerala it is only 23.7 percent.

•Gujarat leads the states in using computer as an integrated learning medium – 22.7 percent. 21.1 percent in Punjab. Kerala lags behind Tamil Nadu which has achieved 16.4 per cent in this sector – only 13 per cent.

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