It is only in Tamil Nadu that they are killing the mother tongue

It is only in Tamil Nadu that they are killing the mother tongue
It is only in Tamil Nadu that they are killing the mother tongue
My soil in Madurai West Assembly Constituency, in the soil of Madurai where Thangathamil was grown by Sangam; When I went to my people’s padayatra, I was greeted with a warm welcome by the people, surrounded by a large number of people, who performed traditional arts such as Mayilatam, Waiilatam, Karakatam, and Tappatam.

People flooded all around, oblivious to the scorching sun. In the town where the Potamarai pond is located, the lotus blooms; Especially the golden bloom is confirmed.

Cheap political extermination

Madurai soil, where all parties will hold their first convention, is the soil for political change. All the turning points in Tamil Nadu politics started from Madurai.

The people of Tamil Nadu have been waiting for honest political change for many years.

We should take advantage of the Lok Sabha elections as the first step to remove corruption, abuse, family politics and cheap politics that see people as vote banks from Tamil Nadu.

We are proud to have developed the Sangam and developed Tamil. We know the first three Tamil Sangams. The fourth Sangam was well conducted by Ayya Panditurai Devar.

Today, Prime Minister Modi has taken the glory of the Tamil language to the world and established the fifth Tamil Society.

In 10 years, Prime Minister Modi has taken the antiquity, richness and culture of our Tamil language, which was kept only in Tamil Nadu by the Dravidian parties, to the world.

Tirukkural has been translated into 39 world languages ​​today. In the UN, the Prime Minister quoted the lines of our Tamil poet Kanyan Boongunnarnar ‘Yadum Ure Yavarum Kelir’.

Last year in 2021, during the opening ceremony of the Chennai Metro Rail, he spoke by quoting Avvaiyar’s lines. In Delhi, he quoted Thirukkural to talk about the value of education.

At Taramani, Chennai, he has upgraded the Institute of Classical Studies at a cost of Rs 74 crore.

Not proficient in Tamil

From now on Tamil Sangh, the whole world will remember the name of Prime Minister Modi. All this is the charity that Modi has done for Tamils ​​as Prime Minister.

But let’s see what the Tamil speaking leaders in Tamil Nadu have done.

In Tamil Nadu, 55,000 children did not pass the 10th class Tamil language exam held in 2022 under the rule of the DMK, which claims to be running a Dravidian model government.

In any state of India, the statesmen; The rulers of the state never forgot their mother tongue. They are killing the mother tongue only in Tamil Nadu.

This is the symbol of the benefit done to the Tamil language by the DMK, which has been doing business and political survival with the Tamil language for 70 years.

As a grammar of how a government should not run, the DMK regime is there.

Blood relation company

Among borrowing states, India ranks first. 44,000 crores in annual revenue from liquor sales. Tamil Nadu is not benefited in any way by those who run the government like this.

In the elections, 511 came to power by making election promises. So far, not even 20 promises have been fully fulfilled. Keeping only language as capital, DMK is running politics here.

The Madurai minister has stepped up the registration department and made it work for the top blood relations company.

In that department, a fee is charged for each dismissal and transfer. Time has come for the people to get rid of all these corrupt tycoons.

Just as the people of Tamil Nadu have decided to make Modi the Prime Minister again in the middle of this year, they have decided to give a chance to the BJP through the coming 2026 assembly elections, and the love shown by the people at every stage of the padayatra could be felt.

The article is in Tamil

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