First the police were shocked to know the secret of that bolero, then Mahindra was shocked and even Pushpa was shocked!

First Published Aug 31, 2022, 2:25 PM IST

RaMahindra Bolero is one of the most popular vehicle models in the world. Despite its relatively high price, the demand for Bolero is always increasing. There are some strong reasons that support its popularity. One of them is immense practicality. Bolero has always proved its worth as a versatile and practical vehicle for everyday use on rough roads and beyond. However, it is certain that you have never seen this ‘hidden’ feature of the recently launched Mahindra Bolero.

New Bolero arrives on this platform, eager Mahindra fans!

This report shows how the Mahindra Bolero is being used to smuggle liquor in Bihar. Liquor trafficking is an unfortunate reality that grips many sectors of our country. Illicit liquor smuggling is common in various parts, especially in rural areas where the police cannot easily access and monitor wide areas. It proves to be a perfect place for troublemakers. This time the police were cautious but the same thing is happening here.

In a recent incident in Bihar, Bihar Police arrested four smugglers for smuggling illegal liquor bottles in a Mahindra Bolero. While smuggling liquor across new states in SUVs is nothing new, what has caught everyone’s attention is how these liquor bottles are smuggled. The smugglers used to hide these liquor bottles in a special compartment built on top of the roof of their previous generation Mahindra Bolero. The canopy is part of the Mahindra Bolero’s body frame and has a tapered design towards the front.

That Bolero caught on camera, what is Mahindra’s secret?

This compartment above the roof of the Mahindra Bolero is not a factory fitted feature. Instead, the smugglers modified the roof of their boleros to make a canopy that covers the entire roof. At the same time it makes it appear as part of the whole vehicle. 20 cartons of liquor containing 960 small bottles were hidden in this chamber above the roof. This is approximately 172.8 liters.

Smugglers modified a Mahindra Bolero for carrying alcohol in roof and held by police

The police were able to catch them following a tip-off that they were carrying illegal liquor in a Mahindra Bolero. However, although the vehicle was stopped, the police could not find the liquor kept in the Bolero. The Bihar Police somehow checked the entire vehicle and found out that the roof of the vehicle had been modified with welding joints. The police then opened the welded roof and were shocked to find liquor bottles hidden inside. The four smugglers were immediately arrested and the police seized all the cartons containing the illegal liquor bottles.

Mahindra Bolero is reportedly one of the vehicles most used by smugglers to transport illegal liquor across Bihar. Locals prefer it due to its rugged construction, reliable and easy-to-fix mechanicals, and easy maintenance. Currently, the Mahindra Bolero is available in three variants, all of which are powered by a 1.5-litre three-cylinder 75 PS diesel engine mated exclusively to a rear-wheel drive configuration and a 5-speed manual gearbox.

Liquor smuggling in India
Liquor smuggling is very common in the dry states of India. Gujarat is a dry state and smugglers use vehicles and other means to bring liquor from neighboring states like Rajasthan. Meanwhile, it is not clear whether the above operation was carried out by Rajasthan Police or Gujarat Police. Often such operations are conducted jointly by the police forces of different states to ensure better coordination and easy arrest of such smugglers.

The popular Bolero
Bolero is a popular SUV in semi-urban and rural areas of India due to its rugged nature and excellent build quality. It has many beneficial aspects in various situations including carrying large number of passengers or carrying luggage. The tough build of this SUV ensures that it is stable and resilient even in the rough terrain common in most remote areas of our country. Hence, the Bolero has been consistently among the best-selling Mahindra SUVs for a long time.

Mahindra Bolero with new logo to dealer stock yard

The latest version of Bolero is called Bolero Neo. The Bolero Neo is powered by a 1.5 liter MHAQ diesel engine that produces 100 HP of power and 260 Nm of torque respectively. This engine is mated to a 5-speed manual gearbox. The ladder-frame SUV features a rear-wheel drive system and multi-terrain technology. An optional N10 (O) variant with manual lock differential will come at a later stage. The price of the Bolero Neo starts at Rs 9.29 lakh for the N4 trim. The N10 trim is priced at Rs 11.78 lakh ex-showroom.

Sources : Car Toq Dot Com, Carblogindia Dot Com

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