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BJP’s mind game politics on tribal CM!

BJP’s mind game politics on tribal CM!
BJP’s mind game politics on tribal CM!

In Jharkhand, Congress and JMM alliance has complete majority. But now that government is wavering. Hemant Soren, the tribal chief minister, is also falling for the mind game being played by the BJP. Four days ago, he was campaigning as if he had canceled his legislative membership, saying that he had allotted his own mines while in the position of CM. In fact, no orders came as an authority. He said that the Governor has received orders from the EC. But the governor has not revealed it yet.

But Hemant Soren was disqualified. The JMM alliance has realized that there is something different in this whole affair. So they moved their MLAs to safe places. A few days ago, three Jharkhand Congress MLAs who were coming from Assam were caught by the police in Bengal. A large amount of cash was found with them. In Assam, there have been allegations that they are getting money by discussing deals with BJP leaders.

Now the developments seem to be trying to topple the Jharkhand government. In this order, why BJP is looking back and forth on Soren’s disqualification, the political circles have no idea. BJP has many MLAs in Jharkhand. The government can be formed only with the support of sixteen more MLAs. Independents..others will have to pull ten MLAs from Congress and JMM even if they get the support of six more from outside. There is an argument that they are waiting because the operation has not been completed. It is said that the disqualification of Soren will come out officially after all those discussions are over.

It is because of these things that the opinion that BJP’s politics of overthrowing governments has crossed too many limits is growing. However, the top leadership of BJP is going their own way.

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