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DMK government cheats farmers; What did you say in the election manifesto-PR Pandian | Tamil Nadu Federation of All Farmers Association president PR Pandian Speech | Puthiyathalaimurai – Tamil News | Latest Tamil News | Tamil News Online

The DMK government’s announcement that it has increased the price of paddy is a deception, said BR Pandian, chairman of the coordination committee of all farmers’ associations in Tamil Nadu.

Speaking to reporters in Trichy, he said, “Southwest Monsoon has intensified and now Cauvery is flooding for the third time. A thousand TMC of surplus water from the Cauvery river is expected to flow into the sea within a week. No water has yet been opened in the command medu canal starting from Mayanur in Karur district and extending to Vallam in Thanjavur district. Hundreds of lakes and ponds where water is supposed to go through the command hill canal are drying up.

They say they usually open the water only in October. They waste water by not refilling the lakes to sell sand. The lakes on the banks of the Kollidam River and the lakes in Karur district are not filled. Adequate funds have not been allocated for the Cauvery-Gundaru link project. The government should not do the work of conversion by saying that it will bring Godavari and merge it with Cauvery.

Rivers like Kaveri, Vaigai, Tamiraparani are overflowing in Tamil Nadu. Lakes in Kanyakumari district are drying up. The villages on the banks of the river Vaigai are turning into heaven. 100 lakes in Thanjavur district are dry while Cauvery is no exception.

The government has announced an increase in the price of paddy. It’s a scam. They made an election promise that they will give 2500 rupees per quintal of paddy. Similarly, they said that they will pay 4500 rupees per ton of sugarcane. The DMK government has been deceiving the farmers for the second year in office. It is an insidious move. The government should come forward to purchase paddy by paying 2500 rupees tomorrow.

Farmers suspect that he said before the election that he would not accept the eight-lane road project so that he would get the commission and would support it if he would get the commission. The DMK government should come forward to abandon the eight-lane road project. The Chief Minister should openly announce about the comments of Highways Minister Velu.

No farmer came forward to give land for the new airport in Chennai. The market price should be determined and given to the farmer who can afford the land. Guarantee of employment to families of land givers. Don’t talk about trying to get a job. Highways Minister refuses to give job guarantee


Livelihood is lost to farmers who give land. Farmers should be included as shareholders of the airport in such a way as to protect the livelihood of the farmers while making a private profit through the airport. Dividends should be paid once a year on airport earnings. The Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu should form a committee to study Cauvery irrigation areas from Karur to Chidambaram. The dry lakes in these areas should be explored and filled with water.

Sand robbery has increased in Tamil Nadu. Sand mining should be banned especially in irrigation rivers. Sand mining should be allowed in drainage rivers based on Supreme Court guidelines. For that we have to use humans to extract sand. Instead sand mining with giant machines should be stopped. Farmers should not dump sand in drainage rivers without permission.

Farmers and public should be consulted and sand should be taken in a way that is not harmful to agriculture and irrigation. Sand mining is said to be the government. They have given it to private individuals to sell. The price of sand is sold at ten thousand rupees per unit. Government should ensure proper price for sand. “Sand should not be taken in such a way as to affect the flow of water and irrigation,” said BR Pandian.

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