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Diamond Ganesha found by a merchant 16 years ago.

Diamond Ganesha found by a merchant 16 years ago.
Diamond Ganesha found by a merchant 16 years ago.
Vinayaka Chavithi celebrations are being celebrated all over the country. Devotees are worshiping Ganesha in various forms along with Mattiganapathi in many places. They are pleading with that Lambodara to remove their troubles. They are presenting their wishes to Bojja Ganapayya. Meanwhile, various Ganapatis are being worshiped in many places in the country. In some places gold, silver and clay idols are worshiped. However.. in some other places.. like the heroes in the recently released movies, Ganesha is being made special. The recently released blockbuster movie Pushpa. Hero Allu Arjun’s famous dialogue is reduced in this.. Not to mention how trending it is. Like the facial expression shown by Alluarjun while delivering such a dialogue, Ganapayyas became a special attraction this year. Meanwhile, a diamond merchant in Surat, Gujarat found a diamond 16 years ago. Now it is once again in the news.

Full details.. A merchant from Surat in Gujarat found a diamond 16 years ago. A 27-carat genuine diamond was found 16 years ago by the Pandava family of the local Katargam area. It is the size of Diamond Ganesha. So their family kept this diamond in their house. On this day families worship Jhas Ganapati at home. However.. every year the value of this Ganapati doubles. If we look at the market price this year.. According to the current market, the price of this Ganesh-shaped diamond is Rs. 500 crores.
Today Ganesh celebrations are being celebrated all over the country. In Surat, popularly known as Diamond City.. Real Diamond Ganesh is also established. The diamond was found while working as a diamond broker for the Pandava family living in Katargam area of ​​Surat. However, the 27-carat diamond was kept with him due to the sentiments of family members. He never sold it. The merchant says that when they found this Ganesha, they felt more connected..This diamond Ganesha looked like a burning Ganesha.
Their families have been enshrining and worshiping it at home for years till today. However, the Pandava family was also investigated by Diamonds of India. It also has a certificate stating that it is a natural diamond and that it is a single piece. But if we look at the price of this diamond according to today’s market price, it is estimated to be worth Rs.500 crores. The family has been protecting this diamond for the past 16 years. On this day they are enshrined and after ten days the diamond is washed in milk and again kept in the treasury. This diamond has become a special attraction of Surat’s Khatargam area. Local people visit this diamond Ganesha.

Published by:Paresh Inamdar

First published:August 31, 2022, 15:34 IST

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