Father Twist.. When Stalin said.. Vanathi suddenly entered the field! What did you do? Popular AIADMK | Are these AIADMK MLAs worried after BJP MLA Vanathi Srinivasan replies to CM Stalin’s letter?


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Updated: Thursday, September 1, 2022, 10:20 [IST]

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CHENNAI: Chief Minister Stalin last week sent an important letter to all party MLAs across the state. Accepting the letter, BJP MLA Vanathi Srinivasan has started to act fast. Vanadi Srinivasan’s letter in this regard is causing confusion in AIADMK circles. What was the demand made by Chief Minister Stalin? What is the letter written by Vanathi Srinivasan? Let’s see!

Recently, Chief Minister M. K. Stalin asked the MLAs to compile the information about the unsolved projects and stalled projects in their constituencies for the last 10 years and send them to the government.

In a letter written by Chief Minister Stalin in this regard, each of us as a member of the legislature is very concerned to play our part in the growth and development of our constituency.

As such, we as legislators, who are their representatives, have a great responsibility to understand the needs of the people and fulfill them.

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What did he say?

What did he say?

In particular, even though some needs are long-standing demands of the people, it may be impossible to implement them through the existing programs, and there may be a need to prepare a project report and obtain approval and allocation of funds at the government level to carry out the work for such projects based on the essential needs of the people. The Chief Minister Scheme in your constituency will create an opportunity to implement such essential schemes in all assembly constituencies. Under this scheme, the recommendations of the legislators of the respective constituencies regarding the necessary works that have not been completed for a long time in each constituency will be considered and approved in collaboration with the relevant officials including the District Collector, Chief Minister Stalin said in a statement.

didn't hear

didn’t hear

Chief Minister Stalin gave 10 days time for this. After this, the MLAs were engaged in information gathering. However, it is not known that the MLAs sent that information to the government. In this situation, Coimbatore South Constituency MLA. Vanathi Srinivasan met Coimbatore Collector Sameeran yesterday and gave a long list of unresolved issues in her constituency. The BJP says that many of the things mentioned in it were not fulfilled by the previous AIADMK government.

AIADMK conflict?

AIADMK conflict?

As far as Coimbatore is concerned, AIADMK is under the control of former minister SB Velumani. AIADMK holds 9 out of 10 constituencies in the district. Velumani, who was so influential among the people of Coimbatore, made the AIADMK win. In this situation, how can none of the AIADMK MLAs inform the government that there are problems that cannot be solved in their constituency? If you tell that, DMK will criticize why you did not do it in AIADMK rule, but no one is involved in that work.

Vanathi Srinivasan

Vanathi Srinivasan

While Vanathi Srinivasan has given the list, S.P. To Velumani, “What shall we do?” AIADMK MLAs of Coimbatore have questioned. This letter went to Edappadi Palaniswami. But he has not yet met the district collector and made any demand. He also hasn’t written a letter yet. The 66 MLAs of AIADMK in Tamil Nadu are said to be in the same mood. It is said that there is another reason behind this.



That is, if you read the list of complaints as intractable problems, why did you not do it in your regime? AIADMK MLAs are silent because DMK can attack them. Thinking that the AIADMK MLAs should stumble in such a helpless state, Stalin announced that you can inform the government of your constituency problems which cannot be solved in 10 years.

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English summary

Are these AIADMK MLAs worried after BJP MLA Vanathi Srinivasan replies to CM Stalin’s letter? Chief Minister Stalin last week sent an important letter to all party MLAs across the state.

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