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We will decide who will lead during the elections: KCR

We will decide who will lead during the elections: KCR
We will decide who will lead during the elections: KCR

Patna: Telangana CM KCR said that the BJP government at the center should be strengthened. As part of his visit to Bihar, KCR spoke to the media along with the state’s CM Nitish Kumar in Patna. He criticized that the country has lost completely during the 8-year rule of Modi. He said that India has not made progress in any field. The value of rupee has fallen badly compared to the dollar. He said that the value of the rupee has never fallen to this level. He said that the central government has not done anything for the farmers, poor and women of the country.

What do you want the country to do?

“70 thousand TMC water is available in the rivers of the country. Despite abundant water, water wars do not stop. The prices of essential commodities have increased tremendously. Due to increase in prices, poor people are facing serious problems. The country is rich in natural resources. At least drinking water is not given to the people of the country. Even in the national capital, Delhi, the problem of drinking water and electricity has not been resolved. What happened to the housing guarantee for everyone who is eligible? The federal system is being undermined. Although the country has abundant resources, it is not being utilized. Beti Bachao… Beti Padao.. Despite the slogan.. Rape does not stop. What do you want the country to do? If the BJP government is doing good, why will the farmers move? They are destroying a good country. Make in India slogan is only in name. The goods are being imported from other countries,” said CM KCR.

No need for routine governments..

“Anti-BJP forces should unite. We don’t want routine governments.. We need a government that will change India. The country suffered a lot under BJP rule. They are ruling with lies. Discuss with Nitish about uniting the opposition. Forces that create hatred are not good for the country. Compared to China, where are we? If hatred increases, it will be a loss for the country. Privatize prestigious company LIC? Railways, airports… everything is being privatized. They said that farmers’ income will be doubled.. Did they do it? Nitish also wants a BJP free India. We are all united against BJP. Who will be the leader will be decided at the time of election. The leadership will be decided through extensive discussions. We asked Nitish to come together for the construction of BJP Mukt Bharat with the support of people. The BJP government should be ousted. BJP will work together for a free India,” said KCR.

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