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Maharashtra News Nashik News Burnt Car Was Found In Igatpuri Taluka With Burn Datebody

Nashik Crime : Nashik (Nashik) An unknown car was found burnt in Ambewadi Shivara area of ​​Ghoti Police Station in Igatpuri taluka and a person was also found completely burnt in it. Dr. Suvarna Vaze who became famous in Nashik district a few months ago. )’s murder case has been remembered.

A burnt car was found in Ambewadi Shivara in the area of ​​Bhawali Dam in Igatpuri Taluka and a person was also found to be completely burnt in it (Burn Car). Meanwhile, a discussion is going on in the area as the body of a person was found in a burnt condition along with a car. After receiving information about the incident, Ghoti police rushed to the spot and inspected. At present, the burnt car has no number and it has been noticed by the police that one person has been burnt. There is a lot of talk about whether this is an accident or an accident and who is the person who got burnt? It is being searched by the police. Meanwhile, the police has sent the body to the district hospital for autopsy and efforts are underway to identify its identity through the forensic lab.

A repeat of the golden hour incident?
Meanwhile, a few months ago the body of Suvarna Waje, who was working as a Medical Officer of Nashik, was also found burnt on the Nashik Mumbai Highway. The car was found in the same state as it had arrived at this place, after which the police inspected the spot and found a burnt body in it. From the forensic report, it was clear that the dead body belonged to Dr. Waje. It came to light that Dr Waje’s body was killed and burnt with a car by her husband. It is said that there is something similar in this incident as well.

Similar incident with the criminals of Nashik
The partially burnt body of a criminal of Wadala village was found in Upper Vaitarna of Igatpuri taluk in the last week of April. The body was later identified by the police as Mujahid alias Goldy Afzalkhan. Due to a dispute, other criminals shot him dead near Manik Kham and his dead body was found at Vaitarna. An attempt was made to destroy the evidence by burning the uninhabited area in the taluk.

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