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Mallu Ravi: When will the family of Kondareddy Palli jawan get justice?

Mallu Ravi: When will the family of Kondareddy Palli jawan get justice?
Mallu Ravi: When will the family of Kondareddy Palli jawan get justice?

Published Date: August 31, 2022

The Congress leaders were furious that they went to Bihar and distributed checks to the victims without giving justice to the martyrs of Telangana. TPCC Senior Vice President Malluravi criticized KCR’s behavior. A man named Yadaya worked as a jawan in Konda Reddy Palli. He was killed in a terrorist attack in Jammu in 2013. They promised to support him. But still it has not been implemented. He said that he will give five acres of land.. He said that he will give money for the children’s education. So far no cent land has been given

An order was given that Yadaiah’s wife Sumathi would be given a job. But if you go for joining..they said that there is another person in that post. But still no land…no house. Revanth Reddy has written a letter to the District Collector asking him to help the family of this jawan. But Mallu Ravi said there was no response. CM KCR went to Bihar to support those killed in Pulwama attack. But the Javan family of Konda Reddy Palli in Telangana did not get their hands. Went to Patna.

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But Mallu Ravi asked why they don’t help the immortal jawan in Telangana. The people of Telangana gave money to the people of Bihar but why are they not supporting the immortal jawans here. They went to Bihar instead of helping those who were wronged in Telangana. If your intention is good…Mallu Ravi wants to support the family of immortal jawans in Telangana first. Mallu Ravi said that if the government does not respond, he will start a satyagraha in front of the Nagar Kurnool Collector’s office. Immortal Jawan Yadaya’s wife and children came to Gandhi Bhavan and explained their problems to the Congress leaders.

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