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Kalyan News Ganesh Utsav 2022 Political Dekhava Police Latest News

Kalyan News Ganesh Utsav 2022 Political Dekhava Police Latest News
Kalyan News Ganesh Utsav 2022 Political Dekhava Police Latest News

Kalyan News : In Kalyan, Vijay Tarun Mandal presented a film show on Shiv Sena insurgency. However, the police objected to this scene and took action in the early hours of the morning. A case was registered against the trustee of the board. After this action Shiv Sena along with Mandal also became aggressive. Protesting against the action, the boards did not install Ganesh idol this year. An appeal has been sought in the court against the action of the police. In protest against this action, a Mahaarti was organized by the Shiv Sena and the workers of the Mandal today in the Mandal Mandap. A large number of Shiv Sena officials participated in this aarti.

There is Vijay Tarun Mandal in Kalyan. This is the 59th year of Ganeshotsav of this Mandal. Every year, film scenes are made by the board on the events of the year. The big event this year is the rebellion in Shiv Sena. A performance was presented by the Board on this topic this year. This performance became a topic of discussion. At around three o’clock in the morning today, the Kalyan police objected to these scenes and took action by confiscating the items of the scene. A case was registered against the trustees of the boards. Shiv Sena has expressed strong displeasure against this police action. Board trustee and Shiv Sena metropolitan head Vijay Salvi has filed a petition in the court against the action.

This year, the Ganesh idol was not even installed by the board. A Mahaarti was organized by Shiv Sena city branch and Mandal against this action. On this occasion senior leader Bala Hardas, Metropolitan Chief Vijay Salvi, City Chief Sachin Basre, Sharad Patil, Officer Dhananjay Bodare were present. At this time, when Vijay Salvi was 59 years old, the police forces were divided and took action at night. Mahaarti was organized in this circle to protest this action. Through this aarti, the petition filed tomorrow, in that petition, we will have a vote on our side and it is going to happen. He said that if the British take away the rights given to us by the constitution, there will be no difference between us, this government will surely pay for their sins as much as they commit sins.

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Kalyan News : …so police action on Vijay Tarun Mandal’s film appearance in Kalyan

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