Organic Farming Became Game Changer For 10,000 Farmers Of Sahaja Aharam Producer Company Limited In Andhra Pradesh

Organic Farming Became Game Changer For 10,000 Farmers Of Sahaja Aharam Producer Company Limited In Andhra Pradesh
Organic Farming Became Game Changer For 10,000 Farmers Of Sahaja Aharam Producer Company Limited In Andhra Pradesh

Organic Farming in Andhra Pradesh: The level of pollution is also increasing rapidly due to the increasing use of chemicals in agriculture. In such a situation, farmers are being encouraged to turn to organic farming. After connecting with organic farming, it is also a very important task to get the farmers the right price for their produce in the market. Farmers do Chemical Free Organic Farming with full hard work and dedication, but sometimes they do not get the right price for their organic produce in the market. The solution to this problem was uncovered by a Farmer’s Producer Organization of Andhra Pradesh. This organization not only gave training of organic farming to its farmers, but also made a better marketing strategy and got up to 15 percent more price for the organic products of the farmers.

group of organic farmers formed in the beginning
This journey started in the year 2009, when the consumer group formed a group of organic farming farmers to supply organic products. Gradually adding other farmers to this group, they were encouraged to do organic farming of food grains, horticulture, pulses, oilseeds and spices. In this work, Hyderabad’s non-profit research organization Center or Sustainable Agriculture helped a lot in skill development of farmers.

Not only this, this organization helped farmers in the city to open shops to sell organic products and also encouraged the door-to-door selling of organic products (Marketing of Organic Products). Marketing This technology became a boon for the farmers and farmers started getting good prices for their organic products. Gradually, seeing the progress of this group of farmers, other farmers doing organic farming also started joining this group.

Farmer Producer Organization formed a group of farmers
From 2009 to 2013, within 4 years, this group of farmers has achieved a lot of success. At the same time, this group of organic farmers also named themselves ‘Sahaj Ahram Producers Company Limited’ after the law on Farmer Producer Organization was enacted in the year 2013. This Farmer Producer Organization continued to work vigorously in the interest of the farmers of both the states even after the separation of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. After such a long journey, today ‘Sahaj Ahram Producers Company Limited’ is associated with 23 organic farming groups, 9000 farmers and 180 villages, who cultivate paddy, cereals, oilseeds, pulses, fruits and vegetables organically. .

Sahaj Ahram Producers Company Limited
This Farmer Producer Organization has changed the lives of 10,000 organic farmers from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana after tireless efforts. Let us tell that this organization has helped the farmers a lot in getting better price in the market by training of organic farming, chemical-free protection of crops, storage of produce as well as processing of the produce. Not only this, most of the farmers have also got organic certification by joining this farmer producer organization.

The organic farmers of this organization are using completely organic weed killers, insecticides and insecticides instead of chemical pesticides for farming. Compost and organic manure are made with the help of crop waste and cow dung for better yield of crops. Along with farming, these farmers are also being given training in poultry farming and animal husbandry to earn extra income.

Farmer’s assistant in marketing
In view of the demand for organic products, Sahaj Ahram Producer Company Limited has contributed to the sale of organic products of its farmers as well as certified organic products of other institutions. In order to increase the income of the farmers, this organization itself buys the organic products of the farmers at 10 to 15 percent higher prices. In this way, farmers earn up to 10 percent more profit by selling hard-grown nutritious cereals, food grains, pulses, vegetables and oilseed crops.

Sahaja Aharam Producer Company Limited, Andhra Pradesh has also set up food hubs in 6 districts to get the right price for the farmers’ produce. Here the processing and storage of organic products of farmers is done and by processing organic produce, food items, cosmetic and lifestyle best products are made, which are getting much appreciation in the market and online markets.

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