Bulldozer War: Bulldozer attack on liquor worth crores in Bihar, stir among liquor mafia


In the liquor-prohibited Bihar, the seized liquor worth crores was attacked with a bulldozer.
Bulldozers are being used extensively for action in Bihar on the lines of UP.
In Bihar, the police have run a bulldozer on 9144 liters of liquor bottles.

Report – Govind Kumar
Gopalganj. Like in UP, the action of bulldozers ie JCB is continuing in Bihar these days. The Bihar government is sometimes using bulldozers against encroachment and sometimes against the liquor mafia. In the same sequence, on Wednesday, liquor worth crores was attacked with a bulldozer in Bihar’s prohibition and thousands of liters of country-made and foreign liquor bottles were destroyed using JCB after legal process at Gopalganj’s Sabaya airport.

Let us tell you, in the month of August in Hathua subdivision of Gopalganj, major action was taken by campaigning against liquor smugglers in 8 police stations of Hathua subdivision. During this action, thousands of liters of country and foreign liquor were made from different police station areas. Then under the legal process, JCB was run under the supervision of the magistrate, more than 9100 country and foreign liquor was destroyed by running JCB. After the liquor was destroyed, the empty bottles were dug pits and landed. Along with this, the entire process was videographed and handed over to the court as well as the DM.

SP Anand Kumar said that under the legal process, orders have been received to destroy the seized liquor in all the police stations. Under the legal process under the supervision of the magistrate, liquor is being destroyed by running JCB. Here the police clearly say that liquor smugglers will not be given shelter in the area.

Bulldozers run on 9144 liter liquor bottles

The confiscated liquor was destroyed in the Sabaya field. SDPO of Hathua subdivision Naresh Kumar said that 9144 liters of liquor seized in Kateya, Bhore, Phulwaria, Mirganj, Uchkagaon, Sripur, Hathua police stations were destroyed. SDPO said that 3820 in Kateya police station, 1944 in Bhore police station, 903 in Phulwaria police station, 1475 in Mirganj police station, 20 in Uchkagaon police station, 557 in Sripur OP police station, 421 liters of liquor was disinfected in Hathua police station.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : September 01, 2022, 08:09 IST

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Tags: Bulldozer War Bulldozer attack liquor worth crores Bihar stir among liquor mafia

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