Shocking: The doctor who took the baby out of the womb and then put it back in the womb and stitched it up!! | Shocking: doctor took the baby out and kept the premature baby again in the mother’s womb in Assam


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Published: Thursday, September 1, 2022, 11:17 [IST]

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Full pregnant women are going through hell due to negligence of doctors. In many places across the country, doctors are tarnishing their medical profession. People’s lives are being threatened with careless attitude. Recently, four women died because the doctors who performed family planning operations in Ibrahimpatnam of Rangareddy district did not perform the operation properly. And before this incident was forgotten, the condition of a pregnant woman became critical due to the negligence of a government doctor in the state of Assam.

What actually happened was that a seven-month pregnant woman named Navi Namasudra went to the government hospital in Karinganj due to stomach pain. A doctor named Ashish Kumar Vishamas working as a Gynecologist there performed a caesarean section on a pregnant woman without finding out why she had abdominal pain and mistaking it for labor pains without conducting proper tests. The doctor who took out the baby found that the fetus was not fully developed. After this, the fetus was put in the stomach and stitched. The pregnant woman was sent home.

Shocking: doctor took the baby out and kept the premature baby again in the mother's womb in Assam

Twelve days after the incident, the health condition of the pregnant woman worsened. Suffering from severe stomach pain, she was taken to another hospital and the doctor’s decision came out. Due to this, the family members became anxious to take action against the negligent doctor. They are demanding that the doctor be punished. We think that doctors are equal to gods. We consider doctors as our life savers. But in many places they are acting as if the lives of the people are lost if the doctors are gone. They are putting people’s lives at risk by treating them very negligently. Some doctors are behaving inhumanely, forgetting the fact that if life is lost, it will not come back.

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English summary

The case of a doctor who took out the baby from the womb and then put it back in the womb and stitched it up came to light in the state of Assam. The victim’s family demands action against the doctor as the condition of the pregnant woman is critical.

Story first published: Thursday, September 1, 2022, 11:17 [IST]

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