Bihar Politics: CM Nitish’s MLA Gopal Mandal called JDU MP a ‘Muhjhappa’, said – I will become Bhagalpur MP

Bihar Politics: CM Nitish’s MLA Gopal Mandal called JDU MP a ‘Muhjhappa’, said – I will become Bhagalpur MP
Bihar Politics: CM Nitish’s MLA Gopal Mandal called JDU MP a ‘Muhjhappa’, said – I will become Bhagalpur MP

Bihar Politics JD(U) MLA from Bhagalpur district Gopalpur Vidhan Sabha Narendra Kumar Neeraj alias Gopal Mandal said that our MPs are silent. JDU MP from Bhagalpur Ajay Kumar Mandal did nothing at all. If the party gives me a ticket, I will show it by winning the Lok Sabha elections too.

Jagran Correspondent, Bhagalpur. Bihar Politics: Gopalpur MLA of Bhagalpur district JDU Narendra Kumar Neeraj alias Gopal Mandal on Wednesday once again hit the thighs in his special style and said that he is in the mood to contest the Lok Sabha elections this time in 2024. He had expressed his wish last time in the party forum. Then the top party leaders refused, so she had put all her strength in making the party candidate win. The MLA said that this time the election has to be fought. They have the power of the people. The same Janata Janardan said that now you should fight the elections of the legislature, now it is better to contest the elections of the MP. The desire just aroused. We have manpower with us. Due to the strength of the same people, he is wearing the face of victory in the assembly elections for four times.

MLA Gopal Mandal said that while campaigning for which he has been getting victory. This time he has a claim. If given a ticket by the party, I will step into the Parliament by becoming a party MP in Parliament. In a gesture, he also targeted the MP and said that whatever is seen among the public, he will do it for the public, the people of the society will vaccinate him for victory. The public is watching who is raising the voice of his interest, who is hiding his face. He insisted that the society likes strong leaders, who raise their voices loudly and get people’s work done anywhere.

We fight for the people, that’s why people forget all their grievances and give their love to us as soon as elections come. I know why, because people know that even if someone thinks of oppressing them, I stand with them with all my might. In the diara dominated by the landlords, he has stood with the people in the society against the oppression in the diara, holding sticks and guns only for the fight for the rights of the poor and the poor. This time by contesting the election of MP, we will work to raise the voice of the poor in Parliament.

Edited By: Dilip Kumar Shukla

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