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Tamil Nadu should become a separate country: VC, Group Talk | Dinamalar

Liberation Tigers Party Deputy General Secretary Vanniarasu said that ‘Tamil Nadu is a separate country from the Union of India is a salute to the red flag’, and the country’s sovereignty is being questioned.

In this regard, Tamil Nadu BJP secretary and lawyer Aswathaman said: The Liberation Tigers of India party has always made it their policy to misguide the youth and create law and order problems. Even now it has started engaging in anti-national activities against Indian sovereignty and national unity.

Dissenting opinion

Tamil Nadu has always been an integral part of the nation. Even if he had a little knowledge of Tamil literature, Vanniarasu would not have spoken such unintelligent views. Puranatu says that the people of India, whose borders range from Himalayas to Kumari, removed all the evils, created a proper code of justice, improved the hill, hill and forest, and the entire nation was ruled under one leadership.

A separatist slogan

Also, Sangha literary hymns say, ‘From Imayam to Kumari, the borders of Bharata Desam’. The Liberation Tigers Party is deceiving the Scheduled Caste people by claiming to follow the views of Ambedkar. However, the party has been raising separatist slogans in direct opposition to the ideas of Ambedkar, who created the Constitution with the noble aim of making this nation a strong nation of sovereignty and unity.

The Tamil Nadu Police Department should register a case under the National Security Act against Vanniarasu and put him in jail. Ever since the formation of the DMK government, separatist slogans and arguments for ending violence have been on the rise throughout Tamil Nadu.
Without seeing anything like this, Chief Minister Stalin, DMK and the government are secretly encouraging anti-national forces. However, the nationalist thinker Kanal Kannan, who expressed reasonable views, is imprisoned. On the Red Flag Day, Vanniarasu is saying, ‘Let’s root out the Sanatana forces and unite the democratic forces’.


This is an irony. Sanatana Dharma is not only for all human beings; For all beings. Sanatana Dharma teaches that ‘crow sparrow is our caste’. People like Vanniarasu, who speak foreign ideologies and act as pawns of foreign ‘missionaries’, know that the dharma of this land is alien.

If the ideology that gives value to democratic philosophy, it is Hinduism which is Indian ideology. At least people like Vanniarasu should stop talking whatever comes out of their mouths and fully understand the Indian ideology and walk its path. If not, let’s do the work to make it understandable. This is what he said.
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