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Jharkhand: Landlord shot on suspicion of illicit relationship with wife, stabbed her

Ranchi. There was a sensation in the morning of the firing incident in Adarsh ​​Nagar of Dhurva police station area of ​​the capital Ranchi. The incident of firing in Dhurva police station area was carried out in the morning when a person was returning on his bike after dropping his child to school. Not only was the bullet shot by the accused, but Bimal Mahli was also injured with a knife. However, the PCR jawan present there caught the accused Dwarka Singh by running and the injured was rushed to the hospital where he is undergoing treatment.

In fact, according to the accused of firing, he suspected that the landlord had an illicit relationship with his wife, although the police is investigating this matter. After this incident that took place in Adarsh ​​Nagar of Dhurva police station area, the police personnel, showing their bravery, caught the accused Dwarka Singh. Dhurva police took the accused into custody and reached Dhurva police station. According to the information, the accused Dwarka was keeping his family in Vimal Mahali’s house as a tenant while Dwarka used to work somewhere outside.

Vimal is shot in the side of the chest and in the thigh. At the time when the bullet was fired, a Ranchi Police jawan Santosh Kumar of PCR 19 was going home after doing duty. On hearing the sound of the bullet, he ran there and, showing his bravery, caught the accused. Pistol and knife have been recovered from the accused which was used to carry out this incident.

According to the information, Vimal was returning from school after leaving his child, at the same time the tenant Dwarka stopped him and then there was a dispute between the two. After this suddenly Dwarka opened fire on the landlord and then attacked him with a knife. People ran as soon as the sound of bullets was heard in the area. At present the police is investigating the matter.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : September 01, 2022, 11:55 IST

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Tags: Jharkhand Landlord shot suspicion illicit relationship wife stabbed

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