CM KCR: ‘Sit down Nitish.. wait for a while’.. BJP trolling on CM KCR’s video

It is known that Telangana CM KCR visited Bihar capital Patna on Wednesday. Financial assistance was provided to the families of the soldiers who died in the Galvan Valley conflict and also to the families of those who died in the Hyderabad Timber Depot. After that, he had discussions with Nitish Kumar (Bihar CM Nitish Kumar) on the latest politics. An interesting scene took place while talking to the media after the meeting. While CM KCR was talking to the media, Bihar CM Nitish Kumar tried to get up and leave. Immediately KCR got involved.. Sit down Nitish ji.. appealed. This video is currently going viral on social media. BJP is trolling on this. Criticizing KCR as a target.
At the end of the press meet, a reporter posed an interesting question to CM KCR. Will you propose Nitishkumar’s name as the Prime Ministerial candidate in the next Lok Sabha elections? asked. On this, CM KCR said, “Who am I to declare Nitish as the prime ministerial candidate? Even if I propose some may oppose. We will all sit down and talk.” While KCR was answering that question, Nitish tried to leave the place. Because Nitish has faced the same question many times. He did not show much interest as such question was raised recently. After that Nitish Kumar sat again with KCR’s request. KCR said that all the anti-BJP forces need to come together.. Only then can BJP be overthrown.

BJP leaders are trolling on this video. Amit Malaviya tweeted that KCR went to Patna to take pride. He criticized Nitish for not even giving him the minimum courtesy of sitting till KCR’s press meet was over.

Meanwhile Bihar leader and Rajya Sabha member Sushil Modi from Bihar has severely criticized CM KCR and Nitish Kumar. He said that even KCR did not accept Nitish Kumar as the prime ministerial candidate. Although CM KCR repeatedly asked him to sit, Nitish Kumar complained that he did not pay attention. “These two are daydreaming. First, KCR has to defend his CM seat in 2023 elections. In 2024, these two will not be in the posts of CM. Those who can’t defend their seats are dreaming of becoming the prime minister,” said Sushil Modi.

Meanwhile, CM KCR is hoping to turn the wheel in national politics with the aim of defeating the BJP at the center in the next elections. As part of this, a series of meetings are being held with opposition leaders. Already held talks with Uddhav Thackeray, Mamata Banerjee, Stalin, Hemant Soren. Went to Bihar yesterday and discussed the same with Nitish Kumar.

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First published:September 01, 2022, 11:49 IST

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