Delivery Person Should Not Be Muslim, Twitter Rebuked On Swiggy Users Demand In Hyderabad

Karnataka Congress MP Karti Chidambaram also objected to the user’s request.

New Delhi:

An unusual request from a Hyderabad-based customer on the app-based food delivery platform has sparked outrage on social media. Many people have scolded him for bigotry. In his instructions to the restaurant through Swiggy, the customer said that the person delivering him should not be a Muslim.

Sheikh Salauddin, head of an organization of workers working in the gig economy, shared a screenshot of Swiggy’s order and urged Swiggy to take a stand against it. He said, we are not here to provide food to all, be it Hindu, Muslim, Christian or Sikh.

He tweeted, “Dear Swiggy please take a stand against such request. We (delivery workers) are here to deliver food to everyone, be it Hindu, Muslim, Christian or Sikh. Swiggy does not teach religion to keep enmity amongst ourselves. “

Swiggy has not yet reacted to this controversy. Congress MP from Karnataka Karti Chidambaram is also among those who expressed their displeasure. Tagging Swiggy, he tweeted – “Platform companies cannot sit and watch this because gig workers face such bigotry in the name of religion. What action will such companies take to protect the rights of gig workers ?”

Many such incidents have come to the fore in the past as well. In a similar case on app-based food delivery service Zomato in the year 2019, a person’s order was canceled on behalf of a person who was of a different religion. After this, there was a lot of praise online for taking Zomato’s stand. In response to a customer request to change riders, the company tweeted, “Food has no religion, it is a religion.”

Supporting Zomato’s stand, the company’s founder tweeted from his personal account that he does not regret losing any business that comes in the way of his values. “We are proud of the idea of ​​India and the diversity of our esteemed customers and partners. We do not regret losing any business that comes in the way of our values,” he tweeted.

There have been many public debates about the role and responsibilities of app-based platforms. Many feel that such platforms cannot escape responsibilities by isolating themselves from businesses and users by claiming to be only an intermediary.

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