Central Government: Good news for the states.

Published Date: September 1, 2022

The central government has given good news to all the states along with Andhra Pradesh..Prime Minister Narendra Modi government has released funds of Rs.948.35 crores to the rural local organizations in AP..The central government has released funds to the rural organizations in all the states for the six months of the current financial year 2022-23…15th Finance Commission According to the recommendations, the central government has released funds for the improvement of drinking water supply, sanitation and hygiene in the villages.

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The central government has released funds to all the states of India.. Union finance ministry has issued orders releasing funds under grant-in-aid to rural local organizations. A total of Rs.15,705.65 crores has been released to all the states. In this, Rs.1,921 crores have been released to Bihar, Rs.557 crores to Chhattisgarh, Rs.1,181 crores to Gujarat and Rs.1,181 crores to Himachal Pradesh. 224.30 crores, Jharkhand Rs.249.80 crores, Karnataka Rs. 1,046.78 crores, Kerala Rs. 623 crores, Madhya Pradesh Rs. 1,472 crores, Maharashtra Rs.1,092.92 crores, Meghalaya Rs. 40.50 crores, Nagalad Rs.18.40 crores, Odisha Rs.864 crores, Tamil Nadu Rs. 1,380.50 crores, Rs.273 crores to Telangana, Rs.73.50 crores to Tripura and Rs.3,733 crores to Uttar Pradesh have been released by the Narendra Modi government.

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